AT LAST, PERMISSION TO BE FULLY … YOU!  With humour and compassion, Jeff Foster speaks simply and directly about the journey of healing and awakening, breathing new life into ancient non-dual spiritual teachings…

“Regret is REWIND, the longing to change the past. Fear is FAST FORWARD, the desire to control the future. Peace is PLAY, a thrilling free-fall into the aliveness of Now…”




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10 Jun 2016Belgium 7-Day Retreat (non-silent) in Frandeux
2 Oct 2016United States 5 night Kripalu retreat in Stockbridge

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If you are feeling sad, you are not in a 'low vibration'. You are not sick or broken or unenlightened or far from healing. You are not 'trapped in your ego' or stuck in the 'separate self'. You are not being negative, and you don't need to be fixed, and sadness is not a mistake, because it's life moving in you, and life can't be a mistake, ever.

You are just feeling sad, that's all.

It's a feeling state playing out on the vibrantly alive movie screen of presence, that's all.

It's not a problem that requires a solution or a band-aid. It's a sacred and precious part of you longing for love, acceptance, embrace, rest.

You've been blessed by sadness today; you've been chosen as her home; don't run away from such a truly precious gift.

- Jeff Foster

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Jeff Foster  @wonderofbeing
IF YOU ARE FEELING SAD... If you are feeling sad, you are not in a 'low vibration'. You are not sick or broken... 
Jeff Foster  @wonderofbeing
"Bow to your awkwardness. Smile at your clumsiness. Befriend your incompetence. Laugh when you stumble and fall....