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Discover the natural happiness that you are, the in-built contentment that doesn’t depend on the content of your life, the profound calm in the midst of life’s storm…

You are life itself; unbreakable and free.

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These are the days of our lives.
No other days are coming.
These are the days.

The days in which we meet each other. Talk or do not talk. Feel what we feel as much as we can feel it. Take the paths we take to the destinations we dreamed about when we could still dream and believe in dreams. Eat when we eat. Sleep when we sleep. Love as much as we can.

But these are the days. The days of ordinariness and miracles. The days of breathing, the days when blood pumps through our veins, the days that seem to last forever, the days that cannot end soon enough. The days where we remain close to life, feel its warmth, its tenderness and its ferocity. The days where anything seems possible. The days where we sit together, drinking jasmin tea, or elderflower, or Earl Grey, or nothing, watching the world go by, ourselves part of the world going by, watching. Days that make up a life. Days to be lived.

I am in love with these days, given freely. Days to play, to wonder, to seek or not seek, to ask, to remember or forget, but days nonetheless, days whose preciousness is rooted in their own impermanence, whose fragility and solidity seem inseparable.

Do not forget these days, and in particular, this day, the one you inhabit, the one that holds you where you are, as a mother holds her little one, breathless yet robust, pink and tiny and perfect; not without flaws, but loved because of them.

If I am given only one more day, let it be this day, the only day I have ever known, and let me love it the way it has loved me, for all of these days.

- Jeff Foster

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