BLESSING THE MESS OF YOUR LIFE! With humour and much compassion, Jeff Foster speaks simply and directly about nonduality, spiritual awakening… and the joy of being an open, sensitive, ordinary human being! 

“Thoughts and feelings are not mistakes, and they are not asking to be HEALED. They are asking to be HELD, here, now, lightly, in the loving arms of present awareness…”


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17 Nov 2017Belgium 7-Day Retreat (silent) in Frandeux
1 Dec 2017Netherlands 3-Day Weekend Intensive in Lunteren

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Spiritual enlightenment .... and being radically HUMAN too! <3
Come join me in Holland in December!

"What is true meditation?
Being awake and alive
to this precious moment."

*Some places still available*
THE WAY OF REST: Finding the courage to hold everything in love
A 3-day Weekend Intensive with Jeff Foster in The Netherlands


“Stop trying to heal yourself, fix yourself, even awaken yourself. Let go of letting go. Stop trying to fast-forward the movie of your life, chasing futures that never seem to arrive. Instead, bow deeply to yourself as you actually are. Your pain, your sorrow, your doubts, your deepest longings, your fearful thoughts, are not mistakes, and they aren’t asking to be healed. They are asking to be held. Here, now, lightly, in the loving arms of present awareness…” ~ Jeff Foster

“This was a very good weekend, the catering and care were excellent, and Jeff was just Jeff: light, clear, funny, confronting, loving and touching. Enlightenment appeared again to be that ‘forgotten’ simplicity to ‘just’ live life…. I feel fulfilled, light and spacious after this weekend.”
- Participant

“I am still very touched by your warm presence, compassion and humbleness last weekend…. I never saw unconditional love expressing itself so delightfully and so human before, although I’ve been to many wisdom teachers…. Thank you for your love, your clarity and patience, your humility, authenticity and humour… and thank you for listening and being so patient.”
- Participant

On this weekend intensive Jeff Foster will invite you to embrace yourself exactly as you are (including the part of you that doesn’t know how to embrace, or doesn’t yet feel worthy of embrace…)

He will gently and lovingly guide you to recognizing the perfection in your imperfections, the beauty in your confusion, the sacredness in your sorrow. He will invite you to slow down, reconnect with the present moment, and fall in love with both the excitement and boredom of your days…

He will invite you to see how everything is a gift on this unbreakable path that you call your life – the laughter, the tears, the times of great sadness, the experiences of profound loss, the pain, the confusion, the times you believe you’ll never make it, even the overwhelming heartbreak of love. How it is all a divine path, all part of a greater perfection, all held in a loving non-dual awareness.

He will explain why life can be trusted absolutely, even when trust seems a million light-years away. He will talk about why spirituality is profoundly simple, as simple as breathing, as natural as gazing up at the stars at night and falling into silent wonder.

He will remind you that spiritual enlightenment is not a goal, it is your nature. He will help you bring acceptance and understanding to your body, your relationships, your work, your very sense of self. He will invite you to let go of your mind-made destinations, and fall in love with the place where you stand.

This will be a weekend of talks, truthful dialogues, guided meditations and restful silences; a weekend of seeing our struggles, our fears, our sufferings in a fresh new light; a weekend of resting deeply, of letting go of the exhausting search for ‘something more’. A weekend of being present, aware and alive, meeting whatever arises in ourselves and each other.

Jeff speaks from the heart. He holds a safe, loving, agenda-free space, where you are given full permission to think your thoughts and feel your feelings, however strange or uncomfortable they may seem at first. You are given permission to be fully YOU, and rest in the warmth of presence, amongst like-minded friends and fellow travellers.

Whether you are struggling with your life and are looking for peace and space amidst the chaos, or you are a healer or therapist interested in meeting your clients in a new way, this 3-day weekend intensive is for you.

We look forward to seeing you there! 😉

“Accept your non-acceptance in the moment.
Forgive your inability to forgive.
Surrender to your lack of surrender.
This is the pathless path!”
~ Jeff Foster


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Come join me in Holland in December! <3
"What is true meditation? Being awake and alive to this precious moment."


"If you think there's a problem with another's words or actions,
YOU are the one who's confused"....