DIVING COURAGEOUSLY INTO THE NOW…  With humour and compassion, Jeff Foster speaks simply and directly about the journey of healing and spiritual awakening, breathing new life into stuffy old spiritual teachings!

Regret is REWIND, the attempt to change the past. Fear is FAST-FORWARD, the attempt to control the future. Peace is PLAY, a thrilling freefall into the aliveness of Now.


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14 Oct 2017United States Weekend with Jeff Foster & Matt Licata in Ojai
17 Nov 2017Belgium 7-Day Retreat (silent) in Frandeux

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Be prepared to be judged, called selfish, irresponsible, even unhinged, when you take a step towards freedom, when you leave the known and walk your path.
Be prepared to feel guilt and shame, too.
Like you’ve done something wrong.
(It’s just an old feeling from childhood).
Be prepared to feel unprepared.
But be prepared
to feel more alive than ever.

Freedom is your true nature, see:
You are not trapped in your body. You are not trapped in your mind. Your conditioning. The roles you play. Even the language you use. None of these things are who you really are.

You are the Presence prior to all identification, prior to form itself. Naturally free and unidentified and unattached and whole. The great Mystery of I Am, before I am this body, this gender, this age, this name, this ethnicity, this religion, this unique human form ...
Before all the roles I play ...
Before this job, this relationship, so many tribes to which I imagine I belong ...
Before I belong to anyone or anything ...

I am. Freedom itself.
That is my nature.
I was born free and I inherited imaginary chains.

But in any moment, an insurrection:

Feel the belly rise and fall.
Feel the aliveness in your body.
Hear the sounds all around you.
Begin again.
Always here.

And you are free, wherever you are.

- Jeff Foster

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I recorded a new meditation for Simple Habit... https://t.co/kzmZEWnivW



There is no love without loss.
No heart without heart break.
No joy without tears.

The... https://t.co/OI775G9tw8