DIVING COURAGEOUSLY INTO THE NOW…  With humour and compassion, Jeff Foster speaks simply and directly about the journey of healing and spiritual awakening, breathing new life into stuffy old spiritual teachings!

Regret is REWIND, the attempt to change the past. Fear is FAST-FORWARD, the attempt to control the future. Peace is PLAY, a thrilling freefall into the aliveness of Now.


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26 Jul 2017United States 5-Day Colorado Retreat in Colorado
17 Nov 2017Belgium 7-Day Retreat (silent) in Frandeux

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Oh yes, for sure, there will be heartbreak! And you will learn to get out of your head and into your immediate embodied experience, coming out of mental stories and conclusions, and contacting the raw energy of the here-and-now, directly feeling the devastation of your dreams rather than intellectualising everything away, letting the grief, anger and sorrow of millennia surge through your pores, rather than dismissing it all as an 'illusion', or distracting yourself with fresh dreams.

All your preconceived notions of 'enlightenment' will shatter into a million pieces, your happy ideas of 'spiritual awakening' will not survive this, oh no! You will be forced into a face-to-face encounter with life, without the comfort of mummy and daddy, without the shield of belief, without the protection of ego, without the bullshit security of fixed reference points. Even your most beloved spiritual gurus and philosophers will no longer be of any use.

The raw pleasure and the pain of it, unfiltered, at last! No longer numb, you will be as softly vulnerable as you were in the beginning, before you knew right and wrong, good and bad, God and the devil.

At first, this will be terrifying, this total reliance on inner authority, this absolute openness to experience, but you will learn to trust the path of no path at all, and you will make your nest in the warm bosom of insecurity.

And everything will be held in the most profound silence.

Oh yes, for sure, there will be heartbreak! Yet there will be joy, too, the likes of which you've only ever dreamed about!

- Jeff Foster

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Oh yes, for sure, there will be heartbreak! And you will learn to get out of your head... https://t.co/jeLt7zJTbg


In this presence beyond presence,

In this place that is no place at all,

In this warm embrace I... https://t.co/a3AzR1s9b8