With compassion and humour, Jeff Foster invites exhausted seekers around the world to finally come to rest. He speaks about the journey of healing and spiritual awakening in an unassuming and practical way, breathing new life into ancient non-dual spiritual teachings.

“Regret is REWIND, the longing to change the past. Fear is FAST FORWARD, the desire to control the future. Peace is PLAY, a thrilling free-fall into the aliveness of Now…”




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11 Jul 2015United Kingdom Afternoon meeting in Brighton

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A man, numb to joy, disconnected from his true nature, unconsciously acting out deep unmetabolised trauma, attempting to diffuse enormous tension and a deep sense of powerlessness and victimhood in himself, goes on a bloody rampage on a beach full of families, thinking it's some kind of solution.

Yet on that same beach, on that very same beach, stories of love, courage, self-sacrifice. A father takes multiple bullets to protect his partner, asks her to run and tell his children he loves them. Hotel staff and shopkeepers run towards - towards - the armed gunman, trying to help people they never met, putting their own safety second.

Local people create a protective ring around a group of tourists, telling the gunman, "You will have to kill us first."

There are so many stories, so many perspectives, so many reasons for hope, here on the beach.

- Jeff Foster

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THE BEACH A man, numb to joy, disconnected from his true nature, unconsciously acting out deep unmetabolised... http://t.co/Lut7EnaiKR 
Jeff Foster  @wonderofbeing
"’I've been thinking about whether anything will change. I think change happens when enough people see through... http://t.co/4Ll2ddmK0p