Jeff Foster, with humour and compassion, speaks simply and directly about non-duality, emotional healing and awakening… and finding the sacred in the ordinary. 

“Thoughts and feelings are not mistakes, and they are not asking to be HEALED. They are asking to be HELD, here, now, lightly, in the loving arms of present awareness…”


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my love
will you look at us now -
scar lines
circling our skin
regal and reflective
like fine silver bracelets

see, giant fissures in our hearts
heart-cracks engorged with curious red vines
long and luscious tangled blood red vines of age
vines blossoming this night with delicate white magnolia
with sweet and fragrant honey citrus magnolia

we met in the mud didn’t we, in the dirt
poor of heart and frightened to love weren’t we
pushed each other away for years didn’t we
said nothing would grow here didn’t they

but now we are adorned with such jewels!
broken yet resplendent, at home in our bodies at last -
intertwined, blossoming, ready for ascension

- Jeff Foster
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People sometimes ask me, “Jeff, do you meditate?”

The answer is no, I don’t.

Or, well, yes, I do, depending on how you define meditation.

I have no formal meditation practice. No schedule. No technique.

No incense. No guru photos on my side table.

I never tell myself, “I am meditating now”.

And yet, throughout the day, I find myself deep in meditation. Absorbed in the Immediacy.

What is this meditation, then?

Pure fascination with this moment,
exactly as it is.

Allowing everything to be.

Drenching one’s present experience in curiosity.

Not adding anything.
Not taking anything away.
No goal. No seeking. No agenda.
No special state to attain.
No special experience to have.

Pure wonder.
The extraordinary ordinariness of what is.
Life being lived.

Ultimately it’s not something I’m doing.
Ultimately it’s who I truly am.
This wide open, child-like, innocent awareness, gently absorbing every sound, sight, smell, sensation, feeling, tenderly pulling in a ‘world’, yes, embracing a world as a mother embraces her young child.

I am the mother of my world, then.
I am the space that holds the ordinariness.
I am the silence at the heart of things.
I am the Capacity for joy and great sorrow.
I need never seek a more ‘alive’, a more ‘profound’ or ‘spiritual’ experience, for this ordinary moment is so profoundly holy. So beautiful. Awash with grace.

Complete. Always complete.

The cracked glass of a bus shelter.
The look on a stranger’s face, both concealing and betraying aeons of pain and longing.
The chill on my cheek as I walk to meet a good friend.

I used to meditate.
Meditation got into my very bones.
Now I am meditation.
The vastness that holds an entire world.

- Jeff Foster

Art: Myriam Zilles
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You'll never reach a point in your life where everything is solved, all neatly tied up in a bow. That's the point. There's no 'final scene', only the on-going adventure movie, forever unresolved. You learn to love the mess of your life, its constantly changing nature, its unpredictability. And you stand as the immutable silence in the midst of the storm, the wide open space in which joy and pain, ecstasy and agony, boredom and bliss, can arise and subside like waves in the ocean. There are no problems when you know yourself as the space for it all.

- Jeff Foster
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Mother. Father. I forgive you.
I no longer wait for forgiveness for I no longer wait for myself.

I stand here, whole.
Frightened, trembling, but whole in fear, complete in my trembling.

I am bigger than any of us imagined.

Great and ancient terrors well up inside of me, yes, mother, but I am willing to give them a home now.
A searing loneliness surges up from the underworld, yes, father, but I have learned to stand inside it and not reach to you for a salvation that could never come.

I have lost God but found God in the absence of God.
In the infinite blackness, I have found hope.

Mother. Father. Do your work as I have done mine. Meet your darkness as I have met my own.
Your neglect was your own self-neglect projected.
Your abuse was your own self-abuse thrown blindly into this world.
What you did to me, you did to yourself first.
Your own inner children are crying out.
Do your work. Face your pain.
Or do not, and face its eternal return.

Mother. Father. I forgive you.
I have no time to waste on blame any longer.
I am stepping into my wildness now. My raging truth.
Walking my authentic path towards that glorious horizon
(which I sense is my own deepest self).

I give everything to my own heart now, all that was denied.
I shall no longer postpone a full participation in the glory.
I forgive everything that was not given and I give everything for this forgiveness.
I step bravely into the Unknown. I step bravely into myself.

Mother. Father.
As you birthed me, I birth my own body and uniqueness now.
I died, yes, but I shall be new and you shall not recognise me.

I find nothing left to forgive, only the dream of how it was “supposed to be”.
I raged at the old dream, I incinerated the old dream with my rage and in the ashes of the old dream I found clarity and brand new purpose.
I grieved the old dream, I wept out the old dream, I drowned it with my tears and at the bottom of the well of my abandoned self, I found peace, and a strange willingness to keep walking.

And I began to dream anew.
My own new dream.

And that is why
I can forgive you now.

Mother. Father.

- Jeff Foster
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"Jeff's meditations are simple, gentle, effortless... and full of human warmth..."
Available for download NOW. ❤️ Easy, clear and simple guided meditations for finding "deep rest" in the present moment, plus a talk on non-duality and... https://t.co/0HQ5Au7ygl

"Jeff's meditations are simple, gentle, effortless... and full of human warmth..."
Available for download NOW. ❤️ Easy, clear and simple guided meditations for finding "deep rest" in the present moment......