Jeff Foster, with humour and compassion, speaks simply and directly about non-duality, emotional healing and awakening… and finding the sacred in the ordinary. 

“Thoughts and feelings are not mistakes, and they are not asking to be HEALED. They are asking to be HELD, here, now, lightly, in the loving arms of present awareness…”


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THE WILL IN US, THE CHRIS IN USI’m not here to pass judgement on what happened at the Oscars.All I can say is, I’ve certainly felt like slapping people over the years. And worse. It’s extremely uncomfortable to experience those sudden feelings of rage, powerlessness, disorientation, the burning in the throat, chest, legs, the racing brain, the shaking, the heat. The blinding light, the ache, the sound and the fury of feeling attacked, shamed, or someone you love being mocked, for whatever reason. Whether the mocking was intentional or not. It hurts.And it happens in a flash.A flash.You just want relief from the hell of the moment. You feel the tiger in you. The lion. The jackal.The urge to rip off a face. To bite off a limb.To destroy the other, physically, psychologically, spiritually.The animal lives in us. In ALL of us.In me, in you. We are animals who can think abstractly, tell stories, use rationality, but we are animals all the same.I am, you are.And so.You breathe. You breathe into the beautiful, intelligent activated animal inside, and you know the animal arising is not a mistake. You sit in the boiling hot cauldron of the moment.You sit in the reactivity. (This is the cauldron that can destroy or transform, the cauldron that can produce something new, something never before seen, something creative, even something medicinal.)Yes, sometimes you act on your urge. You lash out. Verbally, physically. You lie, manipulate, try to display “power”.But sometimes the urge acts on you.It becomes your guru. Your teacher. Your fierce, fiery, uncomfortable, wrathful, near-unbearable teacher. (And the best teachers usually are.)You sit for one more moment, when previously you would have leapt up and attacked, unconsciously, unthinkingly, automatically.You breathe deeply for one more breath, when previously you would have hurled abuse, tried to destroy, tried to hurt, tried to win.You stay connected with your own precious body.(It’s not easy, my friend. It takes practice.)You begin, moment by moment, to break the habit of a lifetime, to break the chain of ancestral trauma and abuse and unconsciousness. You bring light to darkness, moment by moment. Yes, you are that powerful. And that necessary. And it’s NOT easy. And you have been so hurt, so very hurt and it was not your fault. And you have acted on violent impulses before, yes.And we are all human. We all deserve a second chance. Grace. Compassion. Forgiveness.Repair.We all long to be heard.For our pain to be heard.And we can always begin again. Humbly. Slowly. With infinite care.We can begin today.We can repair.I’m not saying who is right and who is wrong here.I’m not excusing violence of ANY kind. I’m not condoning physical or verbal assault, by anyone, at any time.I’m only saying, I have been there.I have sat in the awful fire of shame and rage.I have fantasised about destruction. I have seen those violent images and voices play out in my head, felt the urgent fire in the sacred body, witnessed the terrifying impulse to do harm, knowing that I would only be harming a brother of mine, a sister, a friend, a reflection of my Original Face.If we are honest, we have all been there, and we all may go there again. And soon.There is no shame in feeling broken, a mess, full of rage, far from our vision of “love”. Let’s lift the taboo. No feeling is wrong, and, as Rumi says, no feeling is final either.Let’s lift the taboo on our intimate internal life.Violence belongs primarily in imagination, in myth and story and fantasy. There it can live its life to completion and catharsis.We have always loved stories of great battles.We love it when goodness prevails.We can rest as the storm rages. And from a place of presence, we can make a new choice. We are not bound anymore, blinded by our past, doomed to repeat unhealthy behaviours, puppets to the ones who didn’t know any better.We can make a new choice. Today. Harness the spiritual power of our anger (for it only wants to be heard). Use it to fight for good. To speak truth, fearlessly. To speak up about cases and causes we believe in. To speak out against abuse and bullying of any kind. To protest. Not to hurt or to damage or to bully or to kill, but to protect and uplift and educate and speak up for our loved ones. We can set healthy boundaries that are permeable and flexible, not walls that segregate and punish. We can know Oneness AND set clear boundaries to protect our individuality, defend and nourish our precious nervous systems. We can channel our rage into our art, or our sport. Splatter the canvas with “blood”. “Punch” the drums, the guitar, the piano, “smash” the status quo and forge something new and thrilling and maybe a bit shocking in a holy fire of creativity. The best art never played it safe. The true artist takes the raw, unfiltered, even unpalatable materials of the present moment and makes something new and unexpected, shows the world what is possible, transmutes lead into gold, leads by golden example.“This is what it means to be deeply human”.Let’s remove the shame and the taboo and separation around our hurt and our reactivity and find the Will in us, the Chris in us, the brothers and sisters of the heart in us, the sacred parts that are just trying to protect us and doing their best and sometimes messing up, and overstepping boundaries, and let’s talk about healing because God knows we all need healing now more than ever. - Jeff Foster ... See MoreSee Less
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My lovely talented partner Alice Bird is performing her raw, honest and intimate poetry in London. We’d love for you to join ❤️ >> Unhooked - poetry evening ... See MoreSee Less
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FUCK UNCONDITIONAL LOVEFuck unconditional love.You can't do it.It's an impossible goalthat makes you violent inside.But you can embrace your imperfect attempts to love,your conditional search for love,your failure to reach the ideal,your sorrow, your fear, your exquisite shame, your ecstasy and your agony, your inherited ideas of love, your messy, deeply conditioned human love, in unconditionalpresentawareness.Friend, even your failure to love unconditionally is welcome here,unconditionally.And that is the true meaning of unconditional love. - Jeff Foster ... See MoreSee Less
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TAKE OFF THE MASKThere is nothing more liberating than being yourself.Not your ‘self’, but yourself.Not the ‘self’ you invented in order to win love.Not the mask you wear in order to please people, make them like and approve of you, win fame and money and build your status.Not the façade, the games and roles you play in order to prove how loveable you are, how kind, how compassionate, how sexy, how wise, how funny,how nice, how intelligent, how ‘spiritual’, how free from worldly concern. But your True Self. The One that was there before you invented 'self',before you put on that false and suffocating mask.The One that isn’t afraid of being exposed,of being seen, of being 'found out',because there’s nothing to hide and nothing to lose.The One who speaks truth and only truth. The One you will return to upon death. The One that no mask can create, destroy, or truly hide. Let yourself be seen, today. Only illusions can be lost. And all masks will burn. - Jeff Foster ... See MoreSee Less
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From “de-pressed” to “deep rest”. Thanks Jim ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less
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Breathe into your fear.
Inhale into the very centre of your sorrow.
Oxygenate your doubts, uncertainties.
Give your anger room.

Stand courageously in your moment,
every moment of your precious life.

No more turning away, friend.

Those days
are over.

- Jeff Foster