Jeff Foster, with humour and compassion, speaks simply and directly about non-duality, emotional healing and awakening… and finding the sacred in the ordinary. 

“Thoughts and feelings are not mistakes, and they are not asking to be HEALED. They are asking to be HELD, here, now, lightly, in the loving arms of present awareness…”


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When you feel like
you want to cry
but no tears will come

Do not force your tears
They are too precious to force

Allow yourself
to want to cry
To long to cry

But don’t cry yet

Because you cannot do
what you cannot do
And you cannot be
where you are not

Be where you are

Tears or no tears
Yearning or none
Desire or lack of it

Wet cheeks or dry

Bow to your deepest longing
Lean in to your exact experience
Soften into the chair, the bed
Sink into the ground, the earth

You are perfect
in your imperfection
I swear

You make me cry
when you feel like
you want to cry

But no tears will come

- Jeff Foster
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Don’t try to be beautiful.

Just be real,
and that is already
beautiful enough.

- Jeff Foster
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My yoga mat has disappeared into the ground under my feet.

My ashram has become the coffee counter, a bad joke exchanged with the barista, a friendly smile creeping over a frozen face, and the whole world willing us along.

My temple is the shopping mall, the dentist’s waiting room, the empty meadow in the morning with its soft yellow light and virginal air.
My guru is the incubating roar in the belly, the melancholy of the evening and the hope and despair of raw existence itself.

Nothing needs to be added.

My enlightenment is the ordinary moment, this mundane experience drenched in the sweet nectar of my own attention.
My origin is the breath and the breath is my destination.
My lineage is the hungry cat greeting me on my evening walk, ambling beside me awhile, rubbing her fur against my shin, her fur soft like the cashmere blanket grandma used to wrap around us as the nights came in early, fur becoming skin, and the cat nonchalantly moving on to peruse a discarded sandwich wrapper, and me walking on.

My spirituality is deep in the earth; it is in the mud, the heat, the bowels, the awkward and the inconvenient, the cry for mother and the courage to penetrate unexplored regions of the psyche. It is the yearning for home and the happily exhausted return.
My bliss is nothing the mind could ever grasp, not in a billion years of searching.

My joy is simple, like those who have lived a full life and are ready to die.

I lie down in the meadow, my backpack my pillow, my hands entering into the silky, sticky grass, my entire life reduced to a single thought and memory and momentary vision, and then that is gone too, and I am gone with it all, replaced by the meadow itself, its soft yellow light and its clean invigorating air, its hope and its promise, its fullness and its mercy.

Do not look for me. You will not find me here, or recognise me if you do. I am invisible because I have become all that is seen and all that is known and unknown still.

I do not practise spirituality. I have been destroyed, deconstructed, de-boned and born again, reconstituted as man, formless as form. I have been recreated inseparable from this ordinariness, resurrected with the birds belly laughing on the electric wires at dawn.

⁃ Jeff Foster
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It is the most honest and ultimately the kindest thing to say to someone, "I love you, I care very deeply about you, I love spending time with you, but I don't need you. I don’t need you for my happiness and I don’t need you to complete me. I am complete with or without you. For I have always been with The One, that unspeakable divine wholeness inseparable from my very own Presence, closer than my own eyes as I behold these words, closer than my heart as it pumps hot blood around this shattered world. I cannot complete you or make you happy, I do not have that power and I will not deceive you about that. I want you to find the deepest sense of happiness within your own being, my love. I want to be a sacred mirror for you as you learn to see yourself. I love you so much that I would dare to take care of myself, and I love you so much that I would support you in your quest for self-love.

We cannot mend each other but we can hold each other as we break and that is much closer to true love than the disgusting fairytale we were sold.

Find your deepest freedom, fulfilment and peace, my love, with or without me. When I am close and when I am far. Be true to you.

Find yourself. And perhaps we shall find each other, there, as the ground falls...”

- Jeff Foster
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Sometimes we need to be the space around our body and know, “I am not the body”, and sometimes we need to enter the world of feeling and sensation fully, and know, “I am the body, too”. Sometimes we need to bring spacious Awareness to feelings, wrap our arms ever so lightly around them, be the holding environment for them, and sometimes we just need to feel our feelings more fully, we need them to penetrate us completely, we need to surrender to our broken and fragile and fiery humanity, in awe and in reverence, and weep and scream and shake and sigh and feel as bad or as good as we need to feel in order to feel better again.

Sometimes we need to breathe in, sometimes we need to breathe out.
To slow down. To speed up.
To rise, to fall.
To fail. To get back up.
To not know what the fuck we are doing.
To stop. To begin again.
To smile at our mistakes.
To be here.

Those who say “You are not the body”, are only half-right.
Those who say “You are the body”, are only half-right.

We will never work it out.

We have no choice in the end, anyway.

We must all join the dance.

- Jeff Foster
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