Jeff Foster, with humour and compassion, speaks simply and directly about non-duality, emotional healing and awakening… and finding the sacred in the ordinary. 

“Thoughts and feelings are not mistakes, and they are not asking to be HEALED. They are asking to be HELD, here, now, lightly, in the loving arms of present awareness…”


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4 Sep 2019United States The Deep Rest Retreat in Colorado

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Happy to announce my new meditation CD. Available today! ❤️ A new selection of simple yet powerful meditations designed for everyone, from absolute beginners to advanced meditators, from those who love meditation to those who find it useless and boring! Includes an 80-minute spoken introduction on the mystery and magic of meditation, on nonduality and the discovery of the “extraordinary in the ordinary”, and on awakening to Presence...❤️

♫ More Meditations for Deep Rest: Ending the Inner War - Jeff Foster. Listen @cdbaby


Often we focus so much on the goal
that we forget the journey;
we disconnect from each precious step,
and stress is created,
that awful sense of 'Not There Yet'.

Joy can only be found in the Here and Now,
and Here and Now has nothing to do with goals,
destinations, or even "getting what you want".

Take the focus off the 10,000 steps to come,
the 10,000 steps you have not yet taken,
the 10,000 things that are "missing" right now,
and remember the present step, this moment,
this ancient living ground, your own intimate Being.

Breathe. Feel the life in your body.

Often we don’t know where we are headed,
or when we will get There,
and that’s perfectly okay.
Befriend any uncertainty, doubt,
trepidation, incompleteness that you feel;
learn to love this sacred place of Unfulfilled.
It is alive, and creative, and full of potential,
and filled with You.

Dream of There, and release the dream,
and be fully Here, with your beloved child.

Teach them to walk. Step by step.
Teach them to love the journey.
Teach them gratitude for what is.

That is how you get There.
With kindness, patience, slowness, love, trust.

You get There by surrendering to Here,
finding fulfilment in the glorious emptiness,
slowing down into your abundant life.

- Jeff Foster

Sweet souls at our Colorado USA Retreat, April 2019 <3
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You haven't healed 'yet'
because, for the body,
there is no such thing as 'yet'.

The body knows no time.
There is only Now.
Only this moment.
'Yet' is a story in the mind.

You are never far from healing,
far from awakening,
far from where you should be.

You are here, in every moment. Never 'far'.
Whole, even if you feel broken.
Complete, even in your pain.
Loved, even with your heartache.
Divine, even in your vulnerable humanness.

Invite attention out of the story of progress
and drop into the breath, and gravity,
and sensation, and behold:

You are healed from 'victim'.
You are held in the arms of the Universe.

- Jeff Foster


Rest, weary one.
Lay your head down.
You have travelled far.

I have no clever words for you.
No system to teach.
No image to maintain.

You'll find no philosophy here.
No answers to your many questions.

I offer only presence.
A bed. A meal.
A small kindness to repay yours.

I am no better than you.

My guru is life.
My lineage is love.

I do not separate
the enlightened from the unenlightened.

I teach nothing I do not live.
I quote not from books but from the cracks in the heart.
I see your fragility yet I see your immense power.

You are not broken.
Don't let them tell you
that you are broken.

We met long ago when dust settled to form worlds.
I think I saw your courage then.

Close your eyes; I will keep watch tonight.

- Jeff Foster


Strictly speaking, nobody has ever "healed" anyone, ever.

A true "healer" simply remains present. She provides a safe Field in which unfamiliar and intense energies can be felt and move to completion, bound-up and unconscious emotions can be released into the warm light of Awareness.

In such a Field, we can come out of time, together, out of the drama of thought and the chaos of My Life, and we can breathe into our aching bodies, taste the simplicity of a brand new moment on Earth, fall into our own cosmic power.

Healing is not a destination, then, nor a special ability in the hands of a gifted few, it is a surrender into That which is already healed, already whole, beyond the healer and the healed - our true nature, the Oneness of all life, the sheer rightness at the core of things.

Healing is never far away, for the Field is never far away; it has lived in your very own Heart, ever since you were a child.

- Jeff Foster


You are the one I wake with every morning. The one I breathe with, the one whose every heart beat I feel as my own. You are the one I walk with, the one I speak and sing with, the one who stays with me through every waking moment of every sacred day. You are the one I get sick with, the one I cry with, the one whose anger and joy and doubt surges through me like fire. You are the one I will die with, the one whose arms I shall return to. You are the one I see in every face, shining through every pair of eyes, shimmering through the silences, the trails of dust and the spaces in the canopy. You are my constant companion, my home, my reason, my joy, my life. We cannot be divided, we cannot be two, and even 'One' is too far for us.

I sing this song to myself, disappearing into the song, and I am never alone.

- Jeff Foster


The greatest gift you can offer anyone
is their complete freedom.

Freedom to love, to laugh, to cry,
to feel scared, angry, insecure,
full of doubt or full of joy.

To hold them in a safe and sacred space.

You don't exist to make anyone else happy.
But you can be present.
Present to their unhappiness, their excitement.
Present to the life that moves in them.

And you can invite them into a deeper Happiness.
The Happiness of Being itself.
The Happiness that holds them
exactly as they are.

The way you hold them now.

The way the ground holds the flowers, the trees, the great mountain ranges.

The way you were held as a little one.

And before the stars were born.

- Jeff Foster

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Happy to announce my new meditation CD. Available today! ❤️ A new selection of simple yet powerful meditations designed for everyone, from absolute beginners to advanced meditators, from those who love meditation to those who find it... https://t.co/0HQ5AtPWRL

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