Falling In Love With Where You Are  The deepest acceptance

“Gratitude is arising here, gratitude for the unspeakable beauty of your words…”- John Astin, author of This is Always Enough

“Jeff is one of the freshest voices in modern non-duality writing, the embodiment of what non-duality really is.” – Scott Kiloby, author of Love’s Quiet Revolution

“Jeff Foster is like a doctor with a specialty. While other writers on the subject may be good general practitioners or have specialties in other areas, Jeff is the author to read if you want to see where it all leads…. His books and teachings are remarkably simple….The paradox is the simplicity is very meaningful.” – The Enlightenment Dudes

“Jeff Foster writes with wonderful clarity about what he refers to as ‘the utterly, utterly obvious.’  This is radical, bare, uncompromising nonduality… a delightful and clear expression of the utter simplicity of what is.” – Joan Tollifson, author of Awake in the Heartland

“[An Extraordinary Absence is] closer to a Hymn of Praise than anything else. An awed expression of love and wonder and joy. Comes very close to representing the paradoxical essence of being… [It] remains intensely personal, grounded. It eschews mysticism, yet somehow captures the mystery of creation. A true feat.”  – Josh Levin

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