Jeff Foster’s Books On Spiritual Awakening, Non-Duality, Meditation And Healing…


_ You Were Never Broken is Jeff’s most recent book and was published July 28th 2020. His first ever full book of poetry! You can order from:Amazon and all good bookshops.

_ The Joy of True Meditation (2019) is also available now, published by New Sarum Press

“Foster writes clearly and sincerely, addressing issues like suffering, addictions, and love. Nonsectarian, unassuming, and accessible, Foster’s book achieves substantial commonsense wisdom; highly recommended for the general reader.” – Library Journal

“Foster describes himself as someone who once wanted to die, but who later fell in love with his imperfect life and set out to offer hope to others… He teaches readers to cultivate, rather than fear, their vulnerability, and to find peace with it.”— Publishers Weekly

“A timeless classic through which numberless people will connect with the source of ultimate fulfillment.”– Peter Fenner, PhD, author of Radiant Mind and The Edge of Certainty

“Long after the words have faded from memory, the intelligence and love with which they are written remain behind and that is the true gift of this beautiful book.” –  Rupert Spira, author of The Transparency of Things

“There is a transmission in this book: an alive, compassionate presence that invites awakening right here, this very moment, no matter what is going on in our lives.” – Tara Brach, PhD, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

“The Deepest Acceptance is the story of a merciful awareness, which offers us the heart’s inborn destination we were born to discover. Love is the highest form of acceptance. Judgment is the mechanics of non-acceptance.”– Stephen Levine, author of A Year to Live

“Jeff Foster is an honest seeker who has unraveled the many trappings of seeking through his faithfulness to the humble ground of being here, now.” – Mark Nepo, author of Staying Awake and Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

“The Way of Rest reads like a long poem to waking up in life as it is. For free spirits and those interested in ‘the pathless path,’ this book will be a great companion and friendly guide.” —Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness

“Jeff is one of the freshest voices in modern non-duality writing, the embodiment of what non-duality really is.” – Scott Kiloby, author of Love’s Quiet Revolution

“Jeff Foster writes with wonderful clarity about what he refers to as ‘the utterly, utterly obvious.’  This is radical, bare, uncompromising nonduality… a delightful and clear expression of the utter simplicity of what is.” – Joan Tollifson, author of Awake in the Heartland

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