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Just A Thought

This has nothing to do with effort. This has nothing to do with understanding. Nothing to do with process, nothing to do with praxis. Nothing to do with lack of process or praxis. This is not about seeing anything new, or getting rid of anything old. This is not something the mind could ever grasp. […]

Not A Teaching

This is not a teaching, and I am not a teacher. This is a sharing of something so intimate, so present, so damn alive that words cannot even begin to touch it.  A sharing of the possibility of absolute freedom, right in the midst of this very ordinary life. This has nothing to do with […]

The Myth Of Enlightenment

The end of seeking is seeing life as it is, beyond the story, which always happens now. The end of seeking is identical with the presence that you already are, the presence in which all thought-constructed narratives about ‘seeking’ and a projected ‘end of seeking’ appear. Seeing life as it is, is identical with the […]

What Is A Guru? (Aka ‘Kissing The Carpet’)

“Guru” = G.U.R.U = “Gee, you are you!” Those who we perceive as ‘gurus’ are simply those who appear within our dream to remind us of what we ALL are beyond our story. To remind us of what we already know. To remind us, as if we needed to be reminded…! An authentic guru (if […]

Welcome Home

No teachers, no students. No awakened beings, no unawakened beings. No path nor absence of a path. No gurus, no disciples. Simply life making love to itself, dancing as all of this, appearing as something we call ‘world’, as all that you see and all that you cannot see, arising and falling back into the […]