“In this presence beyond presence,

In this place that is no place at all,

In this warm embrace I call myself,

Even a ‘no’ is a secret yes,

Even resistance is deeply allowed,

Even doubt is a celebration of life… “

– from ‘The Promise’


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on living in deep acceptance

You Are Perfect Exactly As You Are – discovering radical self-acceptance in each and every moment

The Deepest Acceptance – a very short introduction to Jeff’s core teaching

Deep Acceptance of Life… And Saying “No”! – the cosmic YES that holds the worldly yes and no

On Trying To Allow This Moment – life allows us, we don’t need to allow life

An Invitation to Rest Deeply in Present Experience – right now, it’s okay not to have all the answers

Sitting in the Unresolved – The True Meditation – on welcoming the present moment as a dear friend

The Peace That Cannot be Destroyed – on recognising yourself as peace itself

The Inseparability of Wisdom and Love – awareness and contents of awareness are not-two

How Deeply Can We Meet? – the final teacher is life itself

This Living Day – embracing a new day full of possibilities

The Ocean is Waving! – the mystery of the ocean and the waves…

The Divine Mess of Your Life – why your life isn’t supposed to ‘work’



“I was speaking with a friend who had suddenly lost someone very close to him. His heart was broken wide open. He felt raw, exposed, unprotected, vulnerable, devoid of answers, unable to comprehend the mysteries of birth and death and sudden loss, unable to comfort himself with clichés. Why do loved ones disappear overnight? Why does such beauty seem to vanish so quickly? Why is there such pain, and why is there such grace?”

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on healing, therapy, depression and the end of suffering

Divine Suicide – the story of a woman’s depressive breakdown and her call to awakening

Be Passionately Alive – on the common question “What should I do with my life?”

On Grief, Loss, Death and Awakening from Dreams – the deeper meaning of our grief

Grief’s Hidden Secrets – an invitation to stay with the pain

The Roots of Addiction – exploring addiction from a ‘nondual’ perspective

Addiction: The Search for Unconditional Love – another view on addiction

On Dis-Illusionment – the joy and pain of losing our illusions

On Insomnia – the deep surrender of sleep

Depression: The Open Secret – what depression is trying to tell us

On Feeling Misunderstood – on waiting for understanding

We Do Not Suffer Alone – suffering does not belong to ‘you’

Why Life Is Never As Bad As You Think – we only ever have to deal with a moment…

Fear Of Death Is Fear Of Life – why they are one and the same

How to Meet Heartbreak – the broken heart does not want easy answers

The True Worth in Feeling Worthless – the deeper secrets contained in everything we call ‘negative’

Therapy Without a Therapist – how does nonduality relate to healing and therapy?

A Healing Conversation – awareness and sadness have a little chat

The Purging of Guilt – on the stagnated life-energy known as ‘guilt’

Our Longing For Home – on what all beings truly long for


on relationships, compassion, listening, and the end of human conflict

Taking Sides – remembering that we are only fighting ourselves

Awakening To Great Compassion – the illusory barriers between each other…

Dirty Love – love is not what you think

The End Of Conflict – waking up from violence

The Nature Of Evil – nobody is good or evil

On Receiving Criticism – how can we listen without prejudice?

On Forgiveness – how do we forgive each other our trespasses?

On Discernment – the difference between judgement and discernment

On Judgement and Judging Judgement – the ins and outs of judgement

Listening To Each Other – coming out of conclusions

The Masculine and Feminine ‘Principles’ – we are all masculine and feminine

The Miracle of “Hello” – making the ordinary extraordinary


on the pathless path of spiritual awakening

Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow The Yellow Brick Road – we are all Dorothy…

The Journey After Awakening – nobody just “awakens” one day, and never suffers again…

Sitting with Discomfort – the deepest part of self-realisation

A Challenge For The Awakened – is our understanding reflected in our behaviour?

The Furnace of Awakening – ordinary life and the embodiment of awakening

“Am I Bovvered?” – mistaking detachment for awakening

Forgetting Who You Are – is awakening a goal, a path, or the journey itself? can it be lost?

Living Nonduality – not just playing with concepts, but actually living this teaching

This Living Teaching – advaita, nonduality, and holding father’s hand as he crosses the road

Realising “There Is No Me” – On intellectual understanding versus living realisation

In A Time of Crisis – the true meaning of ‘crisis’

Thought Cannot Buy Happiness – losing faith in mind

You Will Lose Everything – facing the reality of life

Alone With Life – the difference between loneliness and aloneness



“We can view depression not as a mental illness, but on a deeper level, as a profound, and very misunderstood, state of deep rest, entered into when we are completely exhausted by the weight of our own false story of ourselves. It is an unconscious loss of interest in the second-hand – a longing to ‘die’ to the false. This longing needs to be honoured, not medicated, meditated or analysed away.”

Read more:  Divine Suicide



on spirituality

Nondual Yin and Yang – the opposites penetrate each other

Money and Spirituality – from personal profit and loss to universal prosperity

The Creation and Destruction of Karma – an alternative perspective on karma

The Nonduality of the Cross – an alternative perspective on the crucifixion

Detachment or Devotion? – two paths, same origin, same destination

The Essential Understanding – what goes to the core of all the world’s religions?

We Are One, But We Are Not The Same – how oneness manifests as diversity and uniqueness

Nothing is Everything – the ultimate paradox

A New Dawn in Spirituality – a report from the SAND conference in Holland, 2012

A Humanised Nonduality – nonduality as an absolute embrace of our relative humanness

A Call to Arms – a call for total transparency

On Being a Spiritual Teacher – spiritual teachers are human beings too!

Confessions of a Failed Spiritual Teacher – jeff talks about his role

I Mean What I Say – speaking from the heart…

“I May Be A Teacher, But I’m Just Like You” – awakening from the dream of specialness

Eat My Words – shedding the ‘teacher’ role in favour of presence

Death: The End Of Life? – another perspective on death

To Meet in the Play – jeff’s official statement on what it means to be a teacher


on meetings and retreats

What happens during a meeting or retreat? – a few words about what to expect


“Sometimes you will doubt what you are doing, and you may romanticise the old days when things were easier and more predictable, but then you will suddenly remember that the old way was false and never worked for you and that’s why everything had to change. Yes, it’s a risk to donate your life to what you love and what moves you and brings you joy, but having a comfortable and predictable life pales in comparison to feeling deeply, passionately alive and meeting each new day with fresh eyes and an open heart…”

Read more:  Be Passionately Alive



on nonduality and Advaita

Awakening from the Dream of Nonduality – why jeff is not identified as being a ‘teacher of nonduality’

On Neo-Advaita – leaving the ‘there is no me’ club

There is No Choice – the trap of believing in the absence of free will

What is Non-Duality? – an interview on the basic message of nonduality

Why The Impersonal Does Not ‘Exist’ – the birth and death of fundamentalism

Does Nonduality mean ‘Not Duality’? – the metaphor of the wave and the ocean may help…

Is the Self an ‘Illusion’? Do I ‘Exist’? – some helpful pointers to clear up these misunderstood words


jeff foster’s poetry and prose poetry

The Furnace of the Beloved

A Prayer for the Dying

On Holy Ground

In My Father’s Field

A Perfect Love

The Fullness of Things

The Promise

A Poem for No-One

The Plan

An Alternative Lord’s Prayer

The ‘I’ of the Storm

Love Beyond Love


On Love and Aloneness


This Strange Place

Half Bird

Prisoner of the Beloved

A Marriage Vow

This Imperfect Dance

Right Now

You are Like a Perfect Poem…

The Threshold of Mystery

A Life Fully Lived

>  More Poetry



“There is a locked vault containing everything you’ve ever longed for – all the riches of the universe. You spend your life trying to open the vault – through struggling, striving, meditating, transcending, guru-worshipping,believing, rejecting, accepting, praying, self-enquiring, yoga-ing, and so on and so on. Finally, exhausted, you give up trying to open the vault….. and that’s when the vault opens by itself. It was never locked in the first place. What’s inside the vault? This moment, exactly as it is.”

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a bit of fun

A Secret Love Affair with Life – jeff’s adventures at home, and in a supermarket…

Imagine a game… – the greatest game ever devised!

From Womb to Womb (via Tomb) – do we long to return to the womb?

The Advaita Trap – a funny look at how even ‘nonduality’ can be turned into a religion!

The Balloon – nonduality in a nutshell



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the jeff foster museum (older writings)

Coming Home

“Being Open To Life… No Matter What Happens”

Life As It Is, Seen With Brand New Eyes

The Myth Of Enlightenment – do you need ‘enlightenment’ or an ‘energetic shift’ to be free?

What are ‘You’ Waiting For? – is freedom to be found in time?

Welcome Home

A Short Note On Suffering – what do we mean by the word ‘suffering’?

Nonduality And Nihilsm – why “no person, no past, no path, no me, no you” is only half the story

What are you Defending? – how spiritual concepts can simply be food for the ego

Freedom From the Movie

Death – what is death, and can it ‘happen’ to ‘you’?


Just A Thought

Nonduality And Compassion – what does nonduality have to say about feeding the hungry?

Nonduality: Expressing The Inexpressible

Not A Teaching

What Is A Guru? – perhaps the greatest guru is life itself…

A Quiet Revolution in Spirituality