3-Day Weekend Intensive

Fri 25 Sep 2015, 17:00 - Mon 28 Sep 2015, 10:00

California Poppies and Gazanias




A 3-day Weekend Intensive with Jeff Foster in The Netherlands

“Do not seek the extraordinary, 
but see the extraordinary shining through the ordinary. 
The gateway is everywhere.”  
– Jeff Foster

“Whatever it is, stop trying to figure it out now. 
Let it remain unresolved a little while. 
Stop trying to fast-forward to the ‘answer’ scene in the movie of your life; 
trust the present scene of ‘no answer yet’. 
Allow the question itself space to breathe and be fertilised. 
Relax into the mysterious ground of Now.”
– Jeff Foster

How can we find the CALM in the midst of the storm of our busy lives?

How can we REST DEEPLY, even as the ground falls from beneath our feet, even as our hearts break open and our dreams turn to dust?

How can we STOP RUNNING AWAY from our pain, our grief, our exhaustion, our failures, even our longing for enlightenment, and start embracing all of it?

How can we find an EFFORTLESS YES to the present moment, no matter how challenging or intense our physical or emotional pain becomes?

How can we find a CONSCIOUS and LOVING way through our addictions, relationship struggles, illnesses and major life decisions?

Can true HEALING begin exactly where we are?

This retreat with author and teacher Jeff Foster is an invitation to awaken to the beauty and poetry of your life, to stop your exhausting search for love, peace and enlightenment, and discover them here and now by turning towards yourself.

It is an invitation to remember who you are beyond your thoughts and feelings, to slow down, reconnect with your presence and the aliveness of your body, and experience what is truly within you. It’s a chance to dive deeply into Jeff’s message of deep acceptance and fearless living, in a safe and nurturing environment with like-minded friends.

Through talks, guided meditations, intimate dialogues, laughter, tears and silence, Jeff will invite us in his own unique way to take a fresh look at our present experience and discover the ocean of who we really are: an open and loving awareness that has already allowed every wave of thought and emotion to arrive.

Just as the ocean ‘accepts’ every wave, so too has our awareness already allowed and accepted the present moment. Jeff talks of deep acceptance not as a passive ‘giving up’, but as an intelligent and creative emerging into life just as it is. Jeff tells us that spiritual awakening is not something that happens ‘one day’, or only happens to special people – it is always here, where we are, closer than breathing.

Candid, thoughtful, humorous – and deeply compassionate toward those searching for a way out of suffering – Jeff inspires us to stop trying to ‘do’ acceptance and start falling in love with ‘what has already been allowed’. His simple, accessible and direct teachings point us back to who we really are in this moment – already perfect, whole and free.

Silence, laughter, lightness and a sense of real intimacy, honesty and friendship are the hallmarks of encounters with Jeff. His meetings are very spontaneous and informal, and there are plenty of opportunities to share and ask questions, if you are so moved.

We look forward to seeing you in Huize Elisabeth !


“This was a very good weekend, the catering and care were excellent, and Jeff was just Jeff: light, clear, funny, confronting, loving and touching. Enlightenment appeared again to be that ‘forgotten’ simplicity to ‘just’ live life…. I feel fulfilled, light and spacious after this weekend.”
– V.R., The Netherlands

 “I am still very touched by your warm presence, compassion and humbleness last weekend…. I never saw unconditional love expressing itself so delightfully and so human before, although I’ve been to many wisdom teachers…. Thank you for your love, your clarity and patience, your humility, authenticity and humour… and thank you for listening and being so patient.”

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Contact: Menno van der Meer - menno@freeflowevents.nl
Info: For all information on this weekend, please download this Word doc.
Or this PDF document.
Booking: Please send an e-mail to Menno and check availability of your preferred type of room and inform him what rate you wish to have. A registration form will be sent to you.
Location:   Huize Elisabeth
Address: Gravenallee 11, Denekamp
Fee: Please download the information document for prices.
Payment: Details are mentioned on the registration form.

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