5-Day Retreat at Omega Institute

Sun 15 Jul 2012, 00:00 - Fri 20 Jul 2012, 00:00


Radical Awakening in Ordinary Life


Retreat with Jeff Foster

15-20 July 2012

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck Campus, NY


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“Is it possible to discover deep acceptance in the present moment, no matter what the circumstances? This retreat with up-and-coming spiritual teacher Jeff Foster offers us a way to simply say, “Yes.”

Through talks, dialogues, and periods of silent meditation, we learn about the true nature of acceptance, the root causes of our suffering, and the deep peace we can find in life even when things go wrong. We explore how to discover deep acceptance when there is physical pain, relationship conflict, addictions, and loss. We discover the true meaning of the word “enlightenment”—not as a future goal to be attained, but rather as a present-moment possibility in our ordinary life. This is the heart of deep acceptance and radical awakening.

Silence, laughter, love, and a sense of intimacy and friendship are the hallmarks of Foster’s retreats. We leave with a deeper understanding of why we suffer, an increased ability to stay rooted in peace during life’s challenges, an ability to communicate more honestly and authentically, and an increased trust in our own experience.

Helping professionals find the experience and information useful in their work with clients.”

Location:   Omega Institute, Rhinebeck Campus
Address: 150 Lake Drive, NY 12572, Rhinebeck, New York
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Omega Institute, Rhinebeck Campus