7-Day Retreat

Fri 2 May 2014, 19:00 - Fri 9 May 2014, 10:00



A 7-day retreat (mostly silent) with Jeff Foster  in the beautiful Belgian Ardennes

“Slow down, friend. Do not search for the answer. It will find you in the perfect moment, when your defences are down. Befriend the question itself. Fall into wonderful not-knowing. Sometimes you can trust that you cannot trust at all. Rest. Stay open. Breathe in, breathe out. Know that your true Home is where you are.”  
~ Jeff Foster


This retreat, including 5 days of silence, is the ultimate way to rest from the busyness of daily life, to slow down, relax and experience what is truly within. It’s a great chance to dive deeply into Jeff’s message of deep acceptance and fearless living, supported by peaceful natural surroundings, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Through talks, guided meditations, intimate dialogues, laughter, tears, and silence, Jeff will invite us to take a fresh look at our present experience and discover the ocean of who we really are: a non-dual awareness that has already allowed every wave of thought and emotion to arrive…

We look forward to seeing you in Château Frandeux in May!


For more information and booking options please see this PDF.




“We really recommend Jeff Foster’s longer retreats. They are relaxed, fun and a chance to explore his message deeply.” – Brett Vallance, Non-Duality London

“Although I have been several times on a retreat with you it is always a pleasure being there. I am not looking for insights or a breaktrough or anything like that; just being and listening to you and all the other people with their stories and questions is enough for me. Last weekend was just like that; a warm bath.” – K.W.

“Very interesting, engaging and heart centred” – Z.F.

“Straight to the heart – delightful and full of love.” – A.W.

“It was wonderful…. All quiet. Another sledgehammer blow to the seeking. Many thanks Jeff.” – T.R.

“Brilliant session with Jeff Foster – funny how these talks always come at exactly the moment you are ready for the next wave of understanding. There is higher intelligence behind all of this and Jeff continues to lead the way.” – M.W.

“This was a very good weekend, the catering and care were excellent, and Jeff was just Jeff: light, clear, funny, confronting, loving and touching. Enlightenment appeared again to be that ‘forgotten’ simplicity to ‘just’ live life…. I feel fulfilled, light and spacious after this weekend.” – V.R., Netherlands

“Thank you for being so real and for speaking from practice. That was the most non-dual, non-duality talk I’ve ever been to, and it helped me to see things in a new way. – J.S.

“We have so many good memories of our week in Someren, by now more than 3 years ago. What a happening that was! And what a lot has it changed in our lives. Over there the biggest obstacles were eliminated to get the job finally ‘done’ the following year. The definitive end of the search! Not that anything was found, but to ‘see through’ that nothing can be found, because IT is always present. What freedom!” P.F., Netherlands

“I have been through so much in the past ten years… I have been a spiritual seeker for many years. Your retreat and book make so much sense. I can now relax and not try to wake up in the future… Somehow in your retreat you explain our real selves that cannot be perceived with the mind so you can only listen with your heart. I love the simple way of the retreat and the intimacy of it…” – C.S.

“This message of ‘The Deepest Acceptance’ has transformative power…. I also liked his humor and making light of a serious topic.” – H.K.

“Seeing and hearing Jeff in person (as well as meeting him) was icing on the cake to reading his books and his commentary/poetry on Facebook. A wonderful experience that all came together for me with a grand finale of the last two questions and answers…” – D.Z.

“I really enjoyed the talk and it delivered a renewed understanding of who we really are.” – O.C.

“A fantastic day filled with insight, warmth, honesty, laughter, tears and humility” – V.R.

“Thanks Jeff for your amazing teaching. So pure and simple and so amazingly helpful.”

“Thank you so much Jeff. I find that your teachings on non duality so helpful with my recovery. I am happy to not be on a path and now able to remember who I am and that I am already home” – D.H.

“My experience of [Jeff] being so present allowed my being to feel the same. His humor and phrasing was powerful and enjoyable. What a treat! It Thank you to Jeff for sharing your path…” – M.H.

“Thank you so much Jeff, I attended your talk yesterday although I experienced strong fear and resistance to it, but something in me was determined and so I came along anyway and brought it all with me. You melted my heart, I can’t see how anyone could not just love you completely, you are pure love and radiate those infinite depths where ever you go, you are a gift to the world. Thank you.” – D.P.

“Your analogy of the ocean and the waves helps me daily… I started “deep resting” after we talked about depression and it has changed my life. Thank you.” – B.W.

“Jeff is lovely. An inspiring and kind communicator…”

“I woke up this morning feeling uncluttered. I had forgotten how much space there is within me (and without me). Having taken on a new responsibility recently the thoughts and emotions around this were beginning to build – and my felt ‘needs’ were getting in the way of being present with others – I needed reminding – thank you for reminding me and thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable with so many others – it was very special (and rare) to experience this.”

“It was really excellent. Jeff really connects with his audience with the greatest compassion.” – N.P.

“Using the medium of language – there was not one wasted word – such beauty, honesty and compassion. Thank you so much Jeff.” – A.W

“Thanks Jeff – very nice to meet you – it was like meeting myself. If I were asked to sum up the day in one word I would say: Honesty.” – P.M.

“Jeff’s easy and friendly manner made the whole day a treat for us. He is so committed to truthful answers and takes his time to really contact people.” – M.C.

“It was a beautiful day and a beautiful encounter. Jeff is amazing by his simplicity, his generosity and his humility. The shift happened. I am so grateful.” – S.K.

“Jeff’s retreats are an opportunity to be in silence with myself, present with the waves of every moment… An opportunity to share with a group a tremendous vulnerability in which true honesty can bring clarity of understanding and healing… – B.A.

“The retreat with Jeff stood out for me in its simplicity and comparatively relaxed schedule. Yet at the same time the view that was offered was very profound and impactful in its directness. The message is not new but was brought to me in a new way and helped me to relax into reality very deeply. I loved the way the teachings arose out of the moment or as a response to questions from the group. It was interesting for me to see Jeff work with individuals. In fact the style of just contacting the Now in a direct way, sensing in the body etc., is a very familiar practice for me. Yet I don’t think I’ve ever felt met in such a direct and intimate way. This very close meeting was important for me, helped me to connect closer to my own experience and be right there. For me the sentence ‘I’m the capacity to experience …………………’ really stands out and is very helpful. It points me to a deeper truth about who I am and this sentence comes through my awareness many times a day. I also feel the loving attitude of allowing all the known and lost children as a gentle support. It is all there. I’m very happy I attended this retreat; the informality of Jeff’s style takes away many possible distractions. He very clearly directly and simply points to the truth. His style helped me to realize how reality is available to all of us; it is not complicated, not far away, not only for the lucky few. It is right here under my nose; it is my nose and everything else!” – O.E., Netherlands

“Resistance is futile! I am very grateful for this weekend. I felt friendliness and met by all. Made some new friends. Jeff was very inspiring and encouraging to me. His teaching is very much synchronous with my growing understanding of my spiritual path, being ”A Course in Miracles” and helped to deepen my insight. Jeffs talks reminded me very much to deepen my commitment to do what I am really here for. It’s been 4 days now. I can feel it reverberating in myself. There are moments that I do feel what Deepest Acceptance means.” – A.Q., Netherlands

“In my work with Sounds True over the last 20 years, I’ve had the honor of getting to know hundreds of spiritual teachers, and spend much of my time reviewing the work of new authors for publication. Every once in a while, a very unique warm feeling arises in my body, a feeling I’ve learned over the years to pay close attention to. This was the experience I had when connecting with Jeff for the first time. What I most appreciate about Jeff is his willingness to be fully exposed, and to take spirituality out of the ashrams and meditation halls and into the streets…” – Matt Licata, Sounds True

“Jeff Foster tells us we are no-one, but not in a bleak nihilistic way. Somehow he conveys the joyousness of life just as it is. Instead of seeing some things or people as being more special than others, or seeing himself as a teacher somehow above the pains and pleasures of life, he addresses the humanity in all of us…” – Non-Duality Press

“Beautiful experience to be with Jeff. I enjoyed his “gentle ruthlessness” as he brought me back to “this present moment”, which is all I really have.”

“I loved the peace of the space with Jeff and others, thank you.”

“So encouraging to spend the day with a group of brave souls all fully invested into waking up and embracing all that arises in this present moment.” – G.S.

“Sitting in the middle of your very own being, so intimate and so inviting, Jeff gives one the constant assurance than the presence in it’s rawness is all that is ever available and it is truly worth showing up for.” – S.S.



Contact: Menno van der Meer - menno@freeflowevents.nl
Info: For all information on this retreat, please download this Word doc.
Or this PDF document.
Booking: Please send an e-mail to Menno and check availability of your preferred type of room and inform him what rate you wish to have. A registration form will be sent to you.
Location:   Chateau Frandeux
Address: Rue des Pèlerins 4, BE 5580, Frandeux
Fee: Please download the information document for prices.
Payment: Details are mentioned on the registration form.

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