7 Day Silent Retreat – CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA

Fri 6 Nov 2020, 18:30 - Fri 13 Nov 2020, 10:00

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A 7-day retreat with Jeff Foster in the beautiful Belgian Ardennes


“Stop trying to fix yourself…. You were never broken.”  – Jeff Foster


This retreat, with 5 days of silence, is a profound invitation to rest from the busyness of modern living, to slow down, relax and experience what is truly within you. It’s an opportunity to stop running away from life, to turn towards your joy, your bliss, your pain, your heartbreak, and embrace everything in loving arms. It’s a chance to dive deeply into Jeff’s message of self-love, radical self-acceptance and clear awareness. You’ll be supported by peaceful natural surroundings and a safe and nurturing environment with like-minded friends.

Through heartfelt talks and poetry, guided meditations, honest dialogues, laughter, tears, and silence, Jeff will remind you that you are perfect and whole, exactly as you are. He will help you drop out of your busy mind and connect with your body, your breath and your authentic feelings, as they arise moment by moment.

Come join us and discover that you were never broken, never un-whole, never un-enlightened, and there was never anything to fix. Wake up to the miracle of being alive, and find true sanctuary within, no matter what life brings to you.

For more details, please download the information document on the right side of this page.

Please mind that due to Corona rules only 40 participants will be able to attend this retreat.

We look forward to seeing you at this retreat in Château Frandeux!


Your pain, your sorrow, your doubts, your longings, your fearful thoughts: they are not mistakes, and they aren’t asking to be ‘healed’. They are asking to be held. Here, now, lightly, in the loving, healing arms of present awareness…”  – Jeff Foster



“I was touched by Jeff’s unconditional welcoming, by his simplicity and honesty. I appreciated his ability not to provide answers, not to orient people towards his personal inclinations, but rather gently being totally present for everyone. I felt accepted as never before…This retreat was very different from many others I did in the past twenty years: not the kind where you feel ‘high’ just to get even lower when you go back to ordinary life, not the kind where you understand everything but actually fail to integrate anything… This may be the most valuable gift life ever gave me, and I am grateful for that.” – D.H.

“What happened in that retreat is inexplicable. Something very profound changed forever… I do not need ‘me’ anymore… The Presence that expressed itself through Jeff, the depth of being cannot be explained, but so deeply felt. That was like a recognition in the heart of something so big that it cannot be put into words.” – J.P.  

“The retreat was the most deeply relaxing experience I’ve ever had. It was really beautiful to be able to sink completely into stillness and the mystery that all of this is. For the largest part of the retreat, the sensation of ‘heart opening’ was felt as a virtual constant, something not experienced so deeply and prolonged so far.” – A.G.

“Jeff has no lineage. So, he has no spiritual guru baggage to carry around. His meetings are just raw, naked, unconditional love. This is a new teacher for a new time with a timeless message.” – R.P

For more testimonials, please visit Jeff’s website: testimonials.


Contact: Menno van der Meer
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Info: For all information on this retreat, please download this Word doc,
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Booking: Please send an e-mail in English or Dutch to Menno to check availability of your preferred type of room, and inform him if you would like to pay the private rate or company rate. A registration form will then be mailed to you.
Location:   Chateau Frandeux
Address: Rue des Pèlerins 4, BE 5580, Frandeux
Fee: Please download the information document for prices.
Payment: Details are mentioned on the registration form.

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