Day-long meeting

Sun 1 Jun 2014, 11:00 - Sun 1 Jun 2014, 17:00

Jeff Foster







Embracing the Joy and Heartbreak of Spiritual Awakening

A Day-Long Meeting in London with Jeff Foster

Date: Sunday 1st June
Time: 11am – 5.00pm. Please arrive for an 11am start. Doors will be open from 10.30am.
Location: Colet House (Top Studio), 151 Talgarth Road, London, W14 9DA.


Cost: £45. No reservations (there will be enough space for everyone!) Please pay at the door – exact change appreciated! Sorry, no debit or credit cards accepted. There will be several breaks during the day. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. You may either bring your own lunch, or visit a nearby café or restaurant.

Contact the organizer, Brett:


“Whatever it is, stop trying to figure it out now. Let it remain

unresolved a little while. Stop trying to fast-forward to the ‘answer’

scene in the movie of your life; trust the present scene of ‘no answer

yet’. Allow the question itself space to breathe and be fertilised. Relax

into the mysterious ground of Now.”

~ Jeff Foster




Join British author/teacher Jeff Foster in London for a day of intimate

conversation, restful meditative silence and deep exploration and

experience in letting go of the exhausting search for ‘something

more’. Together, we will shed light on the activity of the separate self,

expose the myths of spiritual awakening and nonduality, and rest

deeply in presence.


We try so hard to control and understand life, don’t we? We try to fit

in, to succeed, to reach our goals. We try so hard to be perfect, to be

happy, even to be enlightened or awakened, yet often we can feel so

far away from where we think we ‘should’ be. Often, no matter how

hard we try, life doesn’t go according to our plans. Sometimes we feel

exhausted, fed up, or lost. We feel like a failed ‘self’, so far from home.

We long to rest deeply, but we just don’t know how…


Jeff’s message is this: You were always perfect from the very

beginning – perfect in your total imperfection! Your imperfections,

your quirks, your flaws, your weirdness, your unique and

irreplaceable flavours, were what made you so loveable, so human,

so real, so relatable. Even in your imperfection, even in your pain, you

are always a perfect expression of life, a beloved child of the

universe, a complete work of art, unique in all the world and

deserving of all the riches of life.


Join Jeff Foster for a day of seeing your struggle, your fears, your

suffering in a new light. Permission to rest deeply, no matter what is

going on in the story of your life. A day to fall in love with where you





Jeff Foster studied Astrophysics at Cambridge University. In his mid-

twenties, after a long period of depression and illness, he became

addicted to the idea of ‘spiritual enlightenment’ and embarked on an

intensive spiritual quest for the ultimate truth of existence.


The spiritual search came crashing down with the clear recognition

of the non-dual nature of everything, and the discovery of the

extraordinary in the ordinary. In the clarity of this seeing, life became

what it always was: intimate, open, loving and spontaneous, and Jeff

was left with a deep understanding of the root illusion behind all

human suffering, and a love of the present moment.


Jeff was voted #59 on Watkins Review’s 2014 list of the world’s 100

Most Spiritually Influential Living People. Jeff has published five

books in over six languages. His latest book Falling in Love With

Where You Are is now available from Non-Duality Press.



Contact: Brett Vallance
Location:   Colet House
Address: 151 Talgarth Road, London
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