Day Meeting: Busting The Myth Of Self-Improvement

Sat 20 Sep 2014, 10:00 - Sat 20 Sep 2014, 17:00


This weekend consists of 2 full day meetings on Saturday and Sunday with themes that complement each other and together form a whole. The meetings may also be attended separately as well without any problem. We look forward to welcoming you!


                       “Just to sit without expectation with someone who is in grief or fear
                         or loneliness or despair, without trying to fix them in any way,
                         or manipulate their experience to match your idea of how it should be;
                         just to listen, without playing the role of ‘expert’ or ‘enlightened guru’
                         or ‘the one who knows best’; just to be totally available to the one
                         in front of you, and to walk with them through the fire, to hold their
                         hand when they are broken – this is how we begin to heal each other
                         through love. Beyond our roles, unprotected, unresolved, undefended,
                         we truly meet.” –  Jeff Foster

What if, just for a moment, we truly meet ourselves, and each other, as we actually are?

What if we make the radical commitment of not trying to fix ourselves ever again?

Then, we may just discover that we were never broken, and that everything ‘wrong’ with us is absolutely ‘right’ from the perspective of the Universe. Our greatest pain may turn out to be our greatest teacher, our doubts our greatest gurus, our sorrow our most trustworthy friend.

There is such a tendency in our culture to avoid pain, sorrow, frustration and fear, distract ourselves from these very natural energies, label them as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ or ‘unspiritual’, meditate or medicate them away. Sometimes even trying to ‘fix’, ‘accept’ or ‘heal’ something within ourselves can be a subtle form of resistance!

Much of Western medicine is geared towards the removal of symptoms, the calming of disruption, the numbing of chaos and the journey towards ‘normality’. But sometimes we no longer have any interest in ‘returning to normal’! The ‘normal’ was the problem, not the solution! Sometimes powerful energies just want to move in us. Sometimes hearts just want to break wide open to make more room for love. Sometimes dreams need to die, plans need to crumble, doubt needs to rage. Sometimes all our ideas about life, ‘spirituality’ and even ‘enlightenment’ need to shatter. When we turn towards the present moment, however powerfully the storm rages, with a spirit of curiosity, gentleness and honesty, we may just discover unexpected gifts. When we get out of the way, perhaps true healing (the remembering of wholeness) can happen.

Join Jeff Foster for this special daylong gathering, to explore the intelligence, wisdom, and creativity buried in the darkness and the shadows of our experience, hidden in the so-called ‘negative’ and unwanted aspects of life. This will be day of talks, taboo-breaking meditative dialogues and restful silences; a day of laughter, honesty and tears; a day of seeing our struggles, our fears, our sufferings in a fresh new light; a day of resting deeply, of letting go of the exhausting search for ‘something more’. A day of being present with whatever arises in ourselves and each other.

Whether you are struggling with your life and are looking for peace and space amidst the chaos, or you are a healer or therapist interested in meeting your clients in a new way, this meeting is for you.


You don’t need to have attended one of Jeff’s previous talks to attend this one. All are welcome.

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“Thank you for a wonderful day… I loved every minute of it! … Love, and lightness, that’s what I felt! The weight has fallen away, the seriousness of spirituality is gone… Surrender is the recognition that it is already allowed to give up, to let go, to not handle pain and not handle life, to not to have to cling … You were the “personification” of that surrender, of that allowance!” – A.B.

“Such a lovely, life-enhancing day. This was my first experience of Jeff on a stage. He was a wonderful mix of wise, funny, compassionate and surprising. A truly heart-warming presence. A lovely audience too, who posed often challenging questions that Jeff answered with gentle and inspiring honesty. I’d recommend such an event to anyone drawn to non-duality and the spiritual path, or those simply curious about the true nature of love and reality. Thanks to Jeff and his team for a perfect day” – J.W.

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Contact: Menno van der Meer -
Info: The meeting is English spoken without translation.

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Booking: Booking is highly recommended. Please mail your reservation to Menno and inform him if you would like to have the lunch mentioned below as well.
Location:   Stichtse Vrije School
Address: Socrateslaan 24, Zeist
Fee: Private rate: € 85 per day.
Both days: € 150.
Company rate: € 106 per day.
Both days: € 188 (excl. BTW).
A business invoice will be issued for tax deductibility purposes.
Discounted rate: please contact Menno for a special rate when you are on social welfare.
Vegetarian lunch buffet: € 15 (freshly prepared soup, salads, hot snack, variety of bread rolls, fresh fruit, orange juice and coffee/tea)

Payment: By bank transfer in advance or in cash at the door.

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