joint meeting with Jon Bernie

Fri 13 Apr 2012, 19:30 - Fri 13 Apr 2012, 22:00

Special Evening Event with Jeff Foster and Jon Bernie

The Deep Embrace that You Already Are:
Exploring The Hidden Depths of Spiritual Awakening


Jeff Foster and Jon Bernie


What if the wholeness that we seek is actually already right here, contained in and as our present experience? What if who you really are is not a separate person at all, but the vast open space of awareness, already free, already at peace? And what if that awareness is so vast, so loving, so all-encompassing, that it actually embraces every thought, every sensation, every sound, every feeling, without prejudice, as they arise and fall?

What if thoughts and emotions, even the most intense and painful ones, are not enemies at all, but dear friends, inseparable from the ocean of consciousness that you are? What if spiritual awakening has nothing to do with escaping present experience, and everything to do with discovering this total embrace of life itself?

Join Jon Bernie and Jeff Foster for this lively, intimate and in-depth meeting. In silence and in dialogue Jeff and Jon will point back to who you really are, to the deep embrace of life that is already happening in this moment, and to the possibility of the end of suffering in this life.

WHEN:  Friday, April 13 from 7:30 – 10pm

WHERE:  Hillside Community Church, 1422 Navellier Street, El Cerrito, CA  94530  (map)

SUGGESTED DONATION:  $20 at the door

See Jon Bernie’s site.



Location:   Hillside Community Church
Address: 1422 Navellier Street, El Cerrito, CA
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