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Private One-to-One Sessions with Jeff Foster

“Thank you for offering Jeff Foster at the right time in the right place.  My conversation with him 2 weeks ago has changed my perspective on things, during a particularly turbulent time in my life. Speaking with him gave me many insights that are so valuable for life. He was accessible and human…” – M.S.
“My Skype session with Jeff was wonderful. Jeff helped me really meet/allow what was coming through for me. He listened to me better than I have my whole life and I really appreciated his ‘gentle approach’ to help me to stop and listen inside… I [also] had a one on one with him probably 4-5 years ago and the love and way he talked with me, made me feel truly met.” – A.T. 

“My session with Jeff was simple, an effortless ease of unfolding to what I apparently already knew but could not see…. He is unwavering in his understanding and did delightful flips and backspins on my perceptions until I laughed out loud at the disorientation and later wept with understanding. My days following have had an effortless quality as I discovered the fight with Life retreated to the background. He untangled my complicated notions of wanting to understand and took me to the heart of the matter… A very very sweet light touch that moved me.” – M.R.

“The session with Jeff was sweet and eye opening. He helped me to see clearly about fear. To stop pretending & admit who I really am; which is the capacity to allow everything that shows up in consciousness and not the story or image I am trying to hold up. We had a few lovely laughs… I felt very free to share & speak openly with him. A very sweet, gentle & loving being.” – J.

“I wanted to thank you so much for our talk about my late husband …  for the first time in 9 years I have peace in my heart and mind about this and its all because of you….. You have given me back a big part of my life.” – S.W.

“I just wanted to thank you for our Skype session… The past week has just been great and I’ve been doing WAY more [work] with FAR less effort! So again… Thank you!” – M.C.

“It is really rewarding to be in contact with someone who has deep insight but at the same time is down to earth and completely focussed on answering your questions. I also got the feeling that underneath the conversation some else was happening –  the best way I can describe it is that it feels like a sort of energy exchange. But this something you have to experience yourself…” – F.O., Netherlands

“Thanks for the great session. I just did a public talk and I can see that it reflected some of the stuff we explored. In gratitude…” – G.W.

“I enjoyed the chat with Jeff, I found Jeff easy to talk to and his responses supportive of my experiences.” – A.M.

“My one-to-one with Jeff helped me to really see that everything and anything that I ever thought about ‘enlightenment’ was just a collection of spiritual concepts or beliefs. Jeff helped me see that what I really am has no interest in whether I think I have succeeded or failed in my spiritual search. Whether I think I have ‘made it’ or not, the story goes on, and even when life is difficult, it really is OK, always…” – M.L.

“The session with Jeff was very revealing…” – L.W.

“Since [our one-to-one] my life has changed. Whenever I experience something as not very nice, I see it as a wave which is passing by. Other thoughts and feelings will come, and that makes me more stable. I have even started to enjoy life! So now I have found one thing I am good at: living!” – L.G.

“For years I was baffled and misguided by many spiritual concepts picked up along the way  – then I met Jeff!  All misconceptions are quickly cut off at the root with his simple clarity, compassion and humour; in conversation with him it becomes clear that separation is just another thought and we cannot be anything other than the Self, and that everything is arising in who we really are.  I recommend individual sessions with Jeff especially to all confused and exhausted seekers. Thank you dear Jeff”. –  J.H.

“This was my first meeting with Jeff. It wasn’t so much the words, but the energy that inspired me. My body, or that what lives within me, reacts by itself, without my head interfering. My head would like to control it, but it’s clear that this doesn’t work. A deeper layer has been seen and touched. I know less and less, and I become increasingly curious about what I am, and how to live this. Step by step I dare to trust, that it’s okay to be what I am. This meeting was very supportive in this. To slow down. To find a way in this, in a society that I experience as if I need to accelerate all the time. I experienced Jeff as sensitive, open and full of love. Thank you!” – E.Z., Netherlands

“For me, talking to Jeff led to more clarity about the ‘tricks’ of the mind. At the same time his loving kindness points out that the mind is just trying to help you, to be of service. That idea supports me to remain an open space for whatever comes up and to see it as an appearance in consiousness. Another important thing is to acknowledge that a deep longing for ‘God’ feels as if something is missing, but at the same time that longing is ‘God’ already! Wow, what an eye opener… it has been very worthwile to meet Jeff in a private session.” – M.L., Netherlands

“I found the private session with Jeff very refreshing. I’ve been to one of his meetings three years ago and in the meantime have had some ‘glimpses of awareness’ (for lack of better words). The advantage of a private session is that we were able to discuss more personal experiences on a more practical level, which has helped me to put things in a clearer perspective. Jeff is a very relaxed guy and was open about his own experiences, so it was more of a chat than an interview or a personal training. The result? Clear answers and insights – actually more than I expected.” – F.M., Netherlands

“The private session I had with Jeff was very rewarding and brought clarity in my thoughts. It gave me the feeling of talking to a very dear friend about life. We laughed together, shared precious thoughts and really enjoyed each other.” – A.W.


Meetings and Retreats with Jeff Foster

“We really recommend Jeff Foster’s longer retreats. They are relaxed, fun and a chance to explore his message deeply.” – Brett Vallance, Non-Duality London
“Although I have been several times on a retreat with you it is always a pleasure being there. I am not looking for insights or a breaktrough or anything like that; just being and listening to you and all the other people with their stories and questions is enough for me. Last weekend was just like that; a warm bath.” – K.W.”Very interesting, engaging and heart centred” – Z.F.

“Straight to the heart – delightful and full of love.” – A.W.

“I experienced the retreat as a treat… Jeff’s humble and valiant validation of a perceived ‘problem’ appears to encourage the beholder to disengage from its limiting label, and embrace it for what it is – a mere passing of physical emotions, along with visiting thoughts, craving loving attention, a re-l-ease in truth, an alignment with reality, the space we share and embody, tickling and tantalizing unwavering awareness as it were, enlightenment not needy of enlightenment. A breath of life indeed.” – M.B.

“It was wonderful…. All quiet. Another sledgehammer blow to the seeking. Many thanks Jeff.” – T.R.

“Brilliant session with Jeff Foster – funny how these talks always come at exactly the moment you are ready for the next wave of understanding. There is higher intelligence behind all of this and Jeff continues to lead the way.” – M.W.

“The retreat was the most deeply relaxing experience I’ve ever had. It was really beautiful to be able to sink completely into stillness and the mystery that all of this is. For the largest part of the retreat, the sensation of ‘heart opening’ was felt as a virtual constant, something not experienced so deeply and prolonged so far. As my first truly ‘silent’ retreat, it was wonderful.” – A.G.

“I was touched by Jeff’s unconditional welcoming, by his simplicity and honesty. I appreciated his ability not to provide answers, not to orient people towards his personal inclinations, but rather gently being totally present for everyone. I felt accepted as never before. Today, I notice the following effects this retreat had on me: quieter mind, more fluid breathing, inspiring moments of inner silence. Also, my belief that life is cruel does not sound as true as before, and a sense of trust is now subtly present, as if my oldest wounds were now finding their way to healing. This retreat was very different from many others I did in the past twenty years: not the kind where you feel ‘high’ just to get even lower when you go back to ordinary life, not the kind where you understand everything but actually fail to integrate anything. This retreat was rather a gentle space where I felt one with myself, inducing a feeling of safety and inner peace; this inner peace seems to remain present in the midst of everyday life, in every stressful situation I have already gone through these days – this may be the most valuable gift life ever gave me, and I am grateful for that.” – D.T.

“This was a very good weekend, the catering and care were excellent, and Jeff was just Jeff: light, clear, funny, confronting, loving and touching. Enlightenment appeared again to be that ‘forgotten’ simplicity to ‘just’ live life…. I feel fulfilled, light and spacious after this weekend.” – V.R., Netherlands

“Thank you for being so real and for speaking from practice. That was the most non-dual, non-duality talk I’ve ever been to, and it helped me to see things in a new way. – J.S.

“Jeff stole my heart! In searching for the truth I’ve seen, read and heard many teachers before but Jeff was able to transmit it in such a direct and simple way that I finally could take it in. His explanation about ‘presence’ include everything and not a vague state to long for worked very well for me.” – M.R.

“I just wanted to thank you from my heart. I found what never been lost; the silence voice of presence. I’m here, I have always been here.” – S.J.

“Meditations and teaching from Jeff were so….I think there is no word or millions of words! He’s amazing, so inspiring, so authentic…” – G.B.

“Jeff’s straight forward calm, kind, caring demeanor was so reassuring to the mind! So patient … he has to be the most patient man I have ever met! I found myself wanting to hurry others questions when they got “blocked” and he just sat there holding the space for it all! My life has drastically changed since this retreat. I have been having deep crying/understandings of “my” worthiness and the oneness and how I felt I was superior .. WOW WOW WOW! The pure humility of it all! I have never felt so vulnerable and intimate with myself, and that is the truth! Never! – L.T.

“Jeff is a wonderful person, especially his way of just being normal, and at the same time presenting so much readiness to move through anything coming along with love and compassion. I have never experienced this feeling of being allowed to be purely myself before, apart from swimming with dolphins, maybe!” – S

“What I utterly love about the retreats with Jeff is that he doesn’t force anything or anyone to do or be something or someone. For me, that truly is a relief. Acceptance and Understanding is something wonderful and it’s even more wonderful that on a deeper level everything is already accepted and understood.” – M.J.

“It was a good week, felt like a bath in what is, unwinding all those things that get wound. Something that has lasted is the embrace of all that I am, this reduces a lot of conflict inside, ideas of how I should be, like still all the time, and what I should not be etc, embrace the lot and feel the lot, they are all my gurus, all my living creatures. It was wonderful to switch off from the ‘worn out normal’ of living, to spend that time there with 50 people, the walks, the fire etc..”

“For me it was the retreat total relaxation. Still a deeper understanding of my subtle way of searching and avoidance of anything that presents itself. It was nice to experience that I understand the language and that I can make without the language within now have something to want to do. Not wanting to take hold, the want to understand, assess, ask for clarification. This gave me the relaxation” – G.V.

“I experienced the retreat as a great gift. I can’t express in words how greatfull I am that I was attending this retreat. Nothing has changed and at the same time everything has. My perspective on life has made a turn (shift happens, haha). I’m still practising, learning, making ‘mistakes’, but all is allowed, it’s all inclusive. Life is all inclusive. The message is very clear and simple (although the mind has a hard job getting it!). Jeff is all love, giving room to everyone with his own struggles, in a very light-bright manner.” – R.V.

“Such a refreshing seminar, Jeff… You adorable person, I love the peace and tranquillity and fun that emanates from you. Thank you for helping us understand how to accept/love, what is.” – S.R.

“The Presence that expressed itself through Jeff, the depth of the being cannot be explained but so deeply felt. That was like a recognition in the heart of something so big that it cannot be put into words… Something very profound changed forever. The pure joy of living that is replacing all the misbelief is non-understandable and at the same time it stays, it does not come and go! The seeing is soo profound and the warmth welcoming of any feeling and thought in the arms of “nothing”. The most profound moment for me was probably the finding that I do not need “me” anymore.” – J.P.

“We have so many good memories of our week in Someren, by now more than 3 years ago. What a happening that was! And what a lot has it changed in our lives. Over there the biggest obstacles were eliminated to get the job finally ‘done’ the following year. The definitive end of the search! Not that anything was found, but to ‘see through’ that nothing can be found, because IT is always present. What freedom!” P.F., Netherlands

“I lost my sight during the retreat and spent 40 hours of discovery, the like of which I had never experienced. What a privilege it was to hear for the first time, sounds that captured me and held me tight… I walked, without seeing and jumped without a known landing point. What a magnificent metaphor for life. I learned that living in the moment holds no fear, no regret, only the magnificent presence of now… Jeff helped me realise, with his silent reluctance to answer the questions, that the questions within us cannot live in isolation of the answers, as they live within us too. If the questions are within us, how can the answers not be?” – C.S.

“Thank you Jeff for this weekend in Amersfoort, it feels like a turning point in my life and I will meet my migraine in a different way if it ever happens again.” – N.B.

“I have been through so much in the past ten years… I have been a spiritual seeker for many years. Your retreat and book make so much sense. I can now relax and not try to wake up in the future… Somehow in your retreat you explain our real selves that cannot be perceived with the mind so you can only listen with your heart. I love the simple way of the retreat and the intimacy of it…” – C.S.

“This message of ‘The Deepest Acceptance’ has transformative power…. I also liked his humor and making light of a serious topic.” – H.K.

“A very inspiring and insightful day and I love Jeff’s humour. I feel that my insight has been deepened and I’m feeling excited by the possibilities that this deeper insight may bring.” – M.T.

“Such a lovely, life-enhancing day. This was my first experience of Jeff on a stage. He was a wonderful mix of wise, funny, compassionate and surprising. A truly heart-warming presence. A lovely audience too, who posed often challenging questions that Jeff answered with gentle and inspiring honesty. I’d recommend such an event to anyone drawn to non-duality and the spiritual path or those simply curious about the true nature of love and reality. Thanks to Jeff and his team for a perfect day” – J.W.

“Wonderful day – no sentimentality, just a heart wide open with unconditional love. Answered some poignant questions for me” –  AW

“This was the first of Jeff’s events I have attended, and it was a beautiful day of journeying. His words, and from those who asked questions, helped me reconnect with myself, experience powerful emotions of sadness, bittersweet truths, and joy, and allowed me to feel profoundly present and peaceful”.

“Words coming from the day… trust, realness, humility, openness, safety. On a personal level I connected to something during the meditation which completely took me by surprise – I was able to hold this abandoned part of me for the first time in this way – with love, without resistance – today I feel surprised and grateful for this opportunity, this opening”.

“Thank you for the hope that you instilled in me. Thank you for the understanding that dawned on me that THIS moment is all we ever have. That the past memories and thoughts of the future are only happening NOW. That it all merges I to the present moment. Thank you for the love of a brother, a mentor, a parent, an old lost friend freshly reencountered who understands how I feel-a fellow human in the same path, on the same journey. Thank you for teaching from a place of equality and not superiority. Thank you for your lack of arrogance, for being so accessible, so raw and honest. Thank you for helping me accept that my shortcomings may be a gift, that feeling empty inside is a longing for home and that one needs to look no further than one’s own soul. Thank you for conveying that we are the spaciousness for it all, that this unfolding is as it is supposed to be and is going as it is supposed to go. Thank you for helping me see that life has not gone wrong.” – I.K.

“Seeing and hearing Jeff in person (as well as meeting him) was icing on the cake to reading his books and his commentary/poetry on Facebook. A wonderful experience that all came together for me with a grand finale of the last two questions and answers…” – D.Z.

“I really enjoyed the talk and it delivered a renewed understanding of who we really are.” – O.C.

“A fantastic day filled with insight, warmth, honesty, laughter, tears and humility” – V.R.

“Thanks Jeff for your amazing teaching. So pure and simple and so amazingly helpful.”

“Thank you so much Jeff. I find that your teachings on non duality so helpful with my recovery. I am happy to not be on a path and now able to remember who I am and that I am already home” – D.H.

“My road to the retreat was a short but weird and unexpected one, but as it appears now, it took exactly the right route, which again proves how life leads the way and I can just sit back and trust. The week was an intense roller coaster, but with you, Jeff, sitting there with your extremely focussed attention, you were exactly that what I needed on my ride. Thanks so very much.” – T.K.

“Jeff was so honest, open, focused on every person asking a question. By doing so and being him, he strengthened the wisdom and courage that was already here, to sit with all feelings, sensations and thoughts, however ugly, frightening or dark. For the first time in my life I was not running away from hate for example. Being taught that anger, hate and depression are wrong and I was wrong for feeling them, as you always have to look for the bright side, however small it is, and make the best out of every situation, I really needed Jeff’s encouragement to stay with the hate. I fully allowed it in. And by doing so, the label ‘hate’ dropped, and only the raging energy of life itself remained, a wonderful feeling of freedom and aliveness” – T.K.

“What became very clear to me this week is that we are Life and at the same time we are continuously invited to experience Life in all it’s different aspects. In Jeff’s presence and through his pointings it becomes obvious that the whole range of life’s energies just want to move through us; they just kindly ask to be touched, felt and come to rest in us. But being used to privatize and problematize these energies, we get lost in fighting them, and overlook the simple fact that they are all an expression of the same Life, just like ourselves. Thanks Jeff, for helping us to recognise that we are the place where everything can finally come to rest.”  – T.D.

“I really want to thank you… for this wonderful week we spent with Jeff Foster in Frandeux. Everything was just perfect ! Very good and tasty food prepared with much care and love, very nice and mindful yoga classes, very nice and comfortable rooms, always a warm and lovely atmosphere with small candles everywhere and some fire in the fireplace, instructions and daily schedule always clear, precise and nicely phrased … just to mention the major points ! And of course the invaluable presence of Jeff with us!” – S.D.

“The retreat was absolutely awesome though also challenging at times. There have been lots of energies moving in and around me and that was so wonderful to see! Finally there is always such a beautiful happy ending. On my trip back in the train I felt so at ease and understanding for everything. This was also the case after the last retreat. I noticed that I can be kinder towards people and people seem to approach me also kinder or at least I can let them be as they are and it doesn’t matter so much to me if they are kind or not because they’re dealing with their own daily stuff in life and I can see that now. Also, I felt during this and the last retreat such a strong energy almost exploding out of my heart. It felt like my heart is saying “Hello, it’s me, your heart, I am here.” I don’t know yet exactly what it means but it feels very good and it helps me also to approach people in a more understanding way.” – M.J.

“I feel very challenged by last week’s experience as there is more space for things to flow through – which feels good. I am (even) more serious and more relaxed at the same time. I feel lighter.” – S.D.

“This was absolutely the most wonderful (silent) retreat I have ever been, the silence, the nature, the yoga and most of all the presence of Jeff,  he touched me deeply. His words resonate in me. My biggest insight was that there is only energy and that I can be at ease with that if I don’t label it.  My pain is nothing more then a whole lot of energy running trough my body. My deep grief doesn’t need to be fixed and I don’t need to be healed. I can embrace all” – A

“My experience of [Jeff] being so present allowed my being to feel the same. His humor and phrasing was powerful and enjoyable. What a treat! It Thank you to Jeff for sharing your path…” – M.H.

“I am flying high as a kite after having been at Jeff’s satsang over the weekend. It felt as if I were sitting at my best friend’s or chosen relative’s living room. He was so accessible, so honest, so compassionate. I just felt flooded by so much gratitude…It feels so good to meet those who are living in the presence. Jeff, you are a true ambassador for Oneness, for what we all are, for our return to our true nature. Thank You so Much for the Gentle and Beautiful Reminder…And you are not only articulate with your words, you are a true poet. The way the words flow out of you to convey things that are seemingly impossible to convey is a true gift.” – I.K.

“Thank you so much Jeff, I attended your talk yesterday although I experienced strong fear and resistance to it, but something in me was determined and so I came along anyway and brought it all with me. You melted my heart, I can’t see how anyone could not just love you completely, you are pure love and radiate those infinite depths where ever you go, you are a gift to the world. Thank you.” – D.P.

“Your analogy of the ocean and the waves helps me daily… I started “deep resting” after we talked about depression and it has changed my life. Thank you.” – B.W.

“Jeff is lovely. An inspiring and kind communicator…”

“I wanted to thank you for the very inspiring meeting yesterday, it really meant a lot to me. You made me realize, among other things, that I can carry all this love inside of me, even though sometimes it feels like too much to hold. That I am already running through the streets naked at times. And that spring is just the perfect time for now. You made me feel like home, thank you so much for helping me remember this.” – J.J.

“Thank you for your love and compassion during the weekend. What a insight and relief to feel I don’t have to do anything, but go with the flow, trust my Path, enjoy the view and smell the roses…” – Y.P.

“I woke up this morning feeling uncluttered. I had forgotten how much space there is within me (and without me). Having taken on a new responsibility recently the thoughts and emotions around this were beginning to build – and my felt ‘needs’ were getting in the way of being present with others – I needed reminding – thank you for reminding me and thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable with so many others – it was very special (and rare) to experience this.”

“It was really excellent. Jeff really connects with his audience with the greatest compassion.” – N.P.

“Using the medium of language – there was not one wasted word – such beauty, honesty and compassion. Thank you so much Jeff.” – A.W

“Thanks Jeff – very nice to meet you – it was like meeting myself. If I were asked to sum up the day in one word I would say: Honesty.” – P.M.

“Jeff’s easy and friendly manner made the whole day a treat for us. He is so committed to truthful answers and takes his time to really contact people.” – M.C.

“It was a beautiful day and a beautiful encounter. Jeff is amazing by his simplicity, his generosity and his humility. The shift happened. I am so grateful.” – S.K.

“Jeff’s retreats are an opportunity to be in silence with myself, present with the waves of every moment… An opportunity to share with a group a tremendous vulnerability in which true honesty can bring clarity of understanding and healing… – B.A.

“The retreat with Jeff stood out for me in its simplicity and comparatively relaxed schedule. Yet at the same time the view that was offered was very profound and impactful in its directness. The message is not new but was brought to me in a new way and helped me to relax into reality very deeply. I loved the way the teachings arose out of the moment or as a response to questions from the group. It was interesting for me to see Jeff work with individuals. In fact the style of just contacting the Now in a direct way, sensing in the body etc., is a very familiar practice for me. Yet I don’t think I’ve ever felt met in such a direct and intimate way. This very close meeting was important for me, helped me to connect closer to my own experience and be right there. For me the sentence ‘I’m the capacity to experience …………………’ really stands out and is very helpful. It points me to a deeper truth about who I am and this sentence comes through my awareness many times a day. I also feel the loving attitude of allowing all the known and lost children as a gentle support. It is all there. I’m very happy I attended this retreat; the informality of Jeff’s style takes away many possible distractions. He very clearly directly and simply points to the truth. His style helped me to realize how reality is available to all of us; it is not complicated, not far away, not only for the lucky few. It is right here under my nose; it is my nose and everything else!” – O.E., Netherlands

“Resistance is futile! I am very grateful for this weekend. I felt friendliness and met by all. Made some new friends. Jeff was very inspiring and encouraging to me. His teaching is very much synchronous with my growing understanding of my spiritual path, being ”A Course in Miracles” and helped to deepen my insight. Jeffs talks reminded me very much to deepen my commitment to do what I am really here for. It’s been 4 days now. I can feel it reverberating in myself. There are moments that I do feel what Deepest Acceptance means.” – A.Q., Netherlands

“In my work with Sounds True over the last 20 years, I’ve had the honor of getting to know hundreds of spiritual teachers, and spend much of my time reviewing the work of new authors for publication. Every once in a while, a very unique warm feeling arises in my body, a feeling I’ve learned over the years to pay close attention to. This was the experience I had when connecting with Jeff for the first time. What I most appreciate about Jeff is his willingness to be fully exposed, and to take spirituality out of the ashrams and meditation halls and into the streets…” – Matt Licata, Sounds True

“Jeff Foster tells us we are no-one, but not in a bleak nihilistic way. Somehow he conveys the joyousness of life just as it is. Instead of seeing some things or people as being more special than others, or seeing himself as a teacher somehow above the pains and pleasures of life, he addresses the humanity in all of us…” – Non-Duality Press

“Beautiful experience to be with Jeff. I enjoyed his “gentle ruthlessness” as he brought me back to “this present moment”, which is all I really have.”

“I loved the peace of the space with Jeff and others, thank you.”

“So encouraging to spend the day with a group of brave souls all fully invested into waking up and embracing all that arises in this present moment.” – G.S.

“Sitting in the middle of your very own being, so intimate and so inviting, Jeff gives one the constant assurance than the presence in it’s rawness is all that is ever available and it is truly worth showing up for.” – S.S.

“Life changing teachings! Having just taken Jeff’s retreat in Malibu… I rest and live in the Oneness or recognize the invitation in each moment to remember. Like the Waves in the Ocean, so is it with us and everything…” – B.M.

“So nice spending the day with like-minded individuals… a big thanks to Jeff for an awesome day filled with timeless wisdom!” – J.R.

“Jeff Foster has a unique way of expressing the inexpressible, answering the unanswerable and understanding what can’t be understood.” – Mike Larcombe, Clinical Psychologist

“Thank you so much for the week (retreat). Wow… I really felt a beautiful shift into finding permission for everything.”

“I found Jeff to be very genuine, filled with warmth, humility and humour.”

“Life is bringing me such bittersweet joy with every day and my heart is breaking open. I cry rivers and I laugh too. I’m having a personal miracle and I am so very grateful for all of it… Thank you, Jeff, for meeting the part of me I didn’t dare meet by myself. It has changed everything.” – J.M.

“I am always amazed at how friendly and sweet you serve the most radical and (for the good listener) sometimes really upsetting and discomforting message. What you are saying here goes far. Beyond therapy as we know it. Beyond depression, psychosis and cancer. Beyond death.”

“What a week. It was wonderful and heart-wrenching…. The main thing I brought home with me was a sense of wonder and a knowing that if you don’t put yourself up on that altar and expose everything, the heart will close up. Jeff, with his whole being, slowly and deliberately shoves a crowbar in your heart and pries it open and you can’t shut it again.” – S.H.

“I got to know many great people and learn about life and what I am. Life can be something unknowable and scary to thoughts, and a mysterious, enjoyable miracle to the heart, and all experiences are already equally welcomed in, as, and through That which we are. I hope I can come to a retreat again.” – K.J.

“Thank you for a wonderful day… I loved every minute of it! … Love, and lightness, that’s what I felt! The weight has fallen away, the seriousness of spirituality is gone… Surrender is the recognition that it is already allowed to give up, to let go, to not handle pain and not handle life, to not to have to cling … You were the “personification” of that surrender, of that allowance!” – A.B.

“Today I was at the afternoon meeting… Thank you so much, it was beautiful! I now realise I don’t have to be present all the time and that is such a relief! … You helped me a lot.” – J.S.

“Thank you, Jeff… yesterday touched me deeply… all my “children” were there… that makes me feel welcome and present. Thanks for being so deeply honest.” – R.B.

“I absolutely loved my retreat with Jeff. I really feel it has brought so much value, and a true peace, to my days and my life…. What happens on Jeff’s retreats? Sometimes if feels like a classroom (the first couple of days) and then comes a watery stage (including tears) where you are in that surreal/multi-dimensional feeling, and finally, you feel like you are sitting with friends/people you feel a true connection to, and chatting about and observing life. Like many retreats, its time out of time and life beyond life. What is so interesting is that while you are talking about something that is quite abstract, it has such practical every day application. That, really, is the greatest gift of what Jeff has found and shares with people….. What Jeff shares is very hard to describe & I think its best to not know very much coming in. My friend, save yourself all the additional work of deconstructing what you thought it would be while you are in this process. Come with your inner child’s sense of wonder and curiosity. You will be held in a safe and loving space. Jeff in his person and in his teaching is absolutely genuine, consistent, humble, gentle and real…. As he says, this “work” is not for the feint-of-heart. You will cry. You will be angry, frustrated and even scared at times. I found that angst to be the mind letting go of the controls – that neither it, nor you – didn’t know it never had in the first place. Who you really are is beyond your mind’s capacity. And all the while, and in the end, you are held in the ocean that you are. Come and meet yourself. Thanks for all. I have found a love and a peace I’ve never known before.” – C. T.

“Jeff’s work is incredibly grounded in the present moment. All his retreat teachings emerge entirely out of what’s radically true for himself and the group in the actual moment of each immediate instant. Jeff’s plan, to the extent that he brings one, is to share his insight always as a flowing forward of what is true inside each instant. As a result, there is a beautiful spontaneity to Jeff’s work that has to be experienced to be experienced. The work is always an exploration into the nature of our Existence. An exploration into what is meant by our True Self and what is meant by the temporary self that we construct as true. His work gently guides you into an embrace that lovingly sheds light on our ego constructs and delusions, all the while accepting and loving these observations as emergent Divine Form. Also, of beautiful importance is the compassion and patience that are the pillars of Jeff’s approach to sharing his insights. With unshakable patience and softness, Jeff approaches all questions with a completely un-rushed and peaceful style, always searching to find the most skillful words that can capture his thought and best be conveyed. In truth, Jeff’s teachings are ALIVE in the moment and every instant is fresh with the spontaneity of what Life has offered-up to the immediate present. Of sorts, Jeff’s workshops are a spontaneous and unplann-able celebration of Life’s gift in the freshness of the Present and I have not doubt you will not find in any workshop a more loving and patient friend and teacher.” – W.R.

“Jeff answered questions that I did not know how to ask… my mind had hidden them deeply. I always thought that I had to try harder, in spite of being with many well known teachers, who would recommend surrender. Suffering had been labeled as ‘failure’ in my mind and somehow Jeff dispelled that notion. He also has a way of making the ocean / wave metaphor ever new. Much relief and gratitude …… “ – K

“Jeff was great. Everything he says can be believed because it is all what he has experienced at close hand. It is also simple enough for anyone to understand. What a genuinely lovely and wise, wise guy. He mixed with everyone and was always really available. In terms of his message he never strays. What is arising now in your experience is all you have to notice. It is who you are, the gift of life to you – both the wild flowers and the sweet smelling roses. They can all be loved and accepted because they are a part of what makes you real – a vital part of the life energy within you… and also because they are not who you are, just arising in the wholeness that you are. This is about living from a place of fullness, not from image.” – J.P.

“Something has indeed shifted (after the retreat), and it is the desire “to know”. Something has broken, is broken, and I can’t thank you all enough, each and every one of you. As I write this tears are streaming down my cheeks and I couldn’t give a monkeys (LOL). Something is broken and there is no desire to fill it up, or escape from this feeling of being helpless. That’s what’s changed and the feeling of gratitude towards Jeff and all of you ebbs and flows with the passing of each day. I find myself again and again in this strange place of not needing to know and it feels really OK to be here, to be vulnerable, to be open, without having to know about how it all works. … To see all this unfolding before my very eyes is the most humbling thing. Humility has no desire to escape anything, that is the beauty of it, without it love is like a wave without the ocean.” – A.M.

“What did I get from the retreat? Understanding that the waves are also me, the Whole, that there is nothing wrong… and there is no need to fight with them, to escape from them… just sit and notice them in love. Also I recognize the many ways that I escape from being complete… watching TV, wanting more, expecting more in the future, trying to change … all this make me miserable, unfulfilled and restless, yet they are just unloved children that want to be loved.” – C.L.

“After the retreat I have been asking myself the question: What is missing from this moment? The answer so far has been nothing, even though the feelings have not always been nice. Well, maybe it is better to just call them feelings or sensations in the body instead of using too many categories (what is good/bad, nice/not nice…). Several years ago I read Rumi´s poem ‘Guest House’, but during the retreat I heard it click in my head….” – I.V.

“Jeff’s message is a relief for seekers who are tired of chasing dreams, and a true calling to re-examine what’s present in our lives and find out if we don’t already have exactly what we are looking for. To me it seems the teaching was essentially to look at what is rather than what could be, should be, might be, would be. It was radical to realize we can allow everything it’s place inside of us, including the belief that we cannot allow everything it’s place. I honestly feel that this wasn’t as much a teaching as a sharing and pointing to what is already present, and in that sense, Jeff’s message puts all the responsibility and freedom of exploration into the hands of the participant. I’m quite fond of this approach myself because I don’t like wasting time with complicated shoulds from external authorities but would rather rely upon my own inner authority.” – P. L.

“Jeff’s retreat was easily the best and I feel most important experience of my life, because the effects of my clearer understanding didn’t stop when I left. Before that week I have never been to a retreat or heard a speaker live of any kind in the “non duality” world, and yet I was an non-stop obsessed “seeker” and while I gained many huge insights nothing ever warranted an end to the seeking mechanism. Being shown this deepest acceptance by Jeff finally allowed perfect rest inside to occur at the surface level (presently appearing waves), learning to allow my own judgement, etc, I was no longer getting stuck in the shallow waters of the mind, which was so huge for me because through my own efforts I had already become very familiarized with the deep level of being, the absolute from which everything manifests. Too much to the point where I was longing for the world again but pushing it away hanging out in this absolute state, when really I was denying myself the waves of life. During/after the retreat I learned to allow life at the wave level, this ignited intensity in my heart/the core of my being, now I was no longer rejecting life at the surface while deeply aware of the ocean, allowing me to see and feel that there is truly no distinction between the waves and ocean. I’m left with this bittersweet love and all I want to do and find myself doing is surrendering more and more into my heart. The judgments that rattled me before don’t mean a thing anymore, I’m truly just left with this surrendered love and I’m beyond grateful for my experience with Jeff. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.” – J. O.

“(The retreat) was an unexpected blessing. Having heard the “non-dualistic” message of self-inquiry from another teacher in the lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi many years ago, I came to Jeff’s retreat thinking I already knew it all. Yet something drew me to this retreat – I can’t really say what. Jeff slaughtered all of my images of being an “enlightened being.” What a relief that I no longer have to hold up that image too. Jeff showed us how to meet everything and to turn toward instead of away from Life. This is truly the deepest acceptance. Jeff has no lineage. So, he has no spiritual guru baggage to carry around. His meetings are just raw, naked, unconditional love. This is a new teacher for a new time with a timeless message. And he’s already told us that “he is a failure too.” So, years from now, when we hear of him doing something stupid, we won’t have to judge him for not living up to our image of him as a teacher. Jeff met me exactly where I am at. I am done with gurus and teachers. My teacher is the ugly bird bathing in the filthy water in my birdbath on my deck that I need to change the water in. My teacher is the crevice in the rock where water is naturally drawn into. My teacher is the check-out clerk at Walmart with the Jamaican accent who just blew my mind when our eyes met and his sadness was my sadness and I felt it as I stopped in the parking lot and closed my eyes and felt the sadness of the world and knew that this too is Life, and its welcome here. It wasn’t his sadness or my sadness, it was just here. My teacher is this pain in my neck that reminds me I have to go back to work tomorrow. And the ripples in the paint on the walls. Personally, I think Jeff’s most profound teaching is showing me how to just “meet people where they are” and how to just “be with people right here, right now.” Thanks to Jeff for the retreat and for appearing in my consciousness. I will try to live my life in service to this meeting.” – R.P.

“Thank you Jeff for allowing me to briefly step out of my story in such a safe space and to have the time to focus on what is important in our lives. Thank you also for tirelessly reminding us that all is allowed, which in turn helps clear away the clutter so that we can get a clearer channel with the indwelling divine spirit (or whatever name you want). I am looking forward to a calm sea and a smooth ride! It is also lovely to touch base with like minded people…” – S.W.

“For me it was a great gift not to understand any English because like that I could feel and perceive beyond words. The silence and the presence of Jeff are profoundly palpable. I am very happy and satisfied and I am still feeling this energy that he is…. He explained so clearly and we felt it was a special gift to be with him.”- D.D.

“The time (at the retreat) was so rich and such an enormous help for me. My heart continues to be full from the deep compassion and deep wisdom and deep patience you bring to your meetings, Jeff – you gave so much of your Self to the group. The week was such “a turning point” for me…” – W.R.
“Jeff, Thank you a million times for your words in New York. I feel… whole … like a new being. I did stop apologizing for being who I am. I feel lighter now after meeting you…. It makes me cry when I remember….”- P.K.

“When sitting with Jeff there is the possibility of realizing the impossibility to escape Life as it appears in the present moment, in all its glorious appearances. The message I heard was: All is allowed, it’s already been allowed and accepted, no need to change it, fear it, turn away from it, yet even this is Welcome…. All there is, is this present moment appearing now. What we really are is the capacity for all Life to appear presently.”- D.R.

“Wow! I just got back from a truly inspiring 7-day retreat with Jeff Foster at Bodhi Khaya.  Participants came from Canada, UK, Switzerland, Check Republic, Germany, and Holland just to be in company with this special man who unassumingly embodies a deep sense of understanding, compassion, and humor that infects you when you first meet him.”

“If you are looking for something that goes right to the edge – and falls over it – then Jeff Foster may be just the answer! He consistently turns everything upside down so that one sees all one’s ingrained concepts of spirituality, awakening or enlightenment blown into atoms… To me, it is the power and consistency of Jeff’s teaching that makes the difference…”

“Such a clear and powerful voice for balance and clarity in the nondual discourse.”

“Jeff Foster is simply incredible! He articulates this message in a profoundly beautiful manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. It was deeply moving…”

“Jeff, that was a great session.  Thanks again for all your sharing. I am reading through my notes and really hearing your words. Brilliant!”

“Jeff, thanks for the meeting yesterday. We truly met.” – E.H.

“Thanks for a gentle, loving introduction yesterday. I love the picture of an ocean with all It’s waves…” – S.S.

“I enjoyed the space that offered rest and peace. I loved the simplicity of what you said. Thanks again Jeff, I look forward to more from you.” – P.H.

“The resonance of Love is so strong and direct through your teachings that (Im not sure how to say it so this makes sense) there just seems no way to avoid a direct, head-on crash, so-to-speak, with what I truly AM. No way out of seeing that!” – L.

“Jeff, when I sat with you … something in me let go. Your teaching was, and is, so simple and pure. The little added piece was huge… that it’s even too late to try to surrender…” – J.D.

“Deep thanks for Saturday’s satsang and the no-frills set up.” – M.D.

“Since sitting with you earlier this year I’ve experienced another shift and deeper and sustaining resting…” – L.

“I enjoyed your meetings over the weekend, thank you for a very enriching and relaxing experience.” – S.K.

“Enjoyed hearing your talk yesterday Jeff. I will be noticing the waves, being part of the ocean, embracing and allowing all of it – Life. Keeping it simple, not an epic story, just an is-ness, an acceptance. Deep rest, and an invitation to come closer… so thank you for sharing.” – K.S.

“Just to thank you again for your care during the last meeting in Berlin. Ever since, your analogy of the waves and the ocean kept on resonating. So clear! … An ocean of gratitude being felt here.”

“In your July newsletter you wrote about just being present to a person who has just lost a beloved one. And that’s what you did with me when I first met you at a weekend seminar in Holland last November. You were just there for me, listening to me when I spoke about the recent death of my very beloved partner. So beautiful indeed. Thank you Jeff.”

“Thanks Jeff, for helping expose all the traps and pitfalls of the seeker… I left your retreat feeling very exposed!”

“Jeff, it’s exactly your deep listening that moves me and touches me so much. In your listening, you reflect me to myself, so I can really see and hear myself; you’ve shown me that this listening is the deepest Love, that this Silence is in fact wisdom and compassion in action; you’ve inspired me and shown me that This is what it’s all about. With deepest love and gratitude.” – R.S.

“I am still very touched by your warm presence, compassion and humbleness last weekend…. I never saw unconditional love expressing itself so delightfully and so human before, although I’ve been to many wisdom teachers…. Thank you for your love, your clarity and patience, your humility, authenticity and humour… and thank you for listening and being so patient.”

“I love Jeff, I always come away from seeing him with a feeling of deep acceptance and self love. Lovely, aware, funny man.”

“Lovely friendly meeting… Jeff was a relaxed, approachable speaker. Plenty of time for discussion.”

“I would like to share that the meeting today with Jeff, my first, was “******* awesome”…. Profoundly deep & clear….ahhhh…no words …. the wisdom of today’s meeting is still coming in waves….”

“I felt so heavy when i came into the meeting, and walked out feeling such relief and openness,lightness again…”

“Venue + Jeff Foster + everyone who was there = love and peace!”

“Your honesty and humility now shines wildly bright as a teacher and just as a human being. The feminine aspect of this “duality” (not female, but feminine) is to be inclusive. It’s not the same as the masculine transcendant urge (freedom from) but is so communal (freedom TO), and you, and a couple other awesome teachers are really speaking to this stuff these days.”

“I was deeply touched in feeling this as your truth in Brighton. That and your slowness in style and in responding to my raised hand were the biggest gifts of the day, thanks for grinding me down to a place where no thing matters.”

“Buddhists, Catholics, and a lot more … everyone told me: You are a sinner, you need to lose your ego, you need to to this and that, you are not allowed to critisize this or that, you have to behave like this and that … after listening to you Jeff, I feel for the first time welcome to life as I am and this in such a radical way that I can laugh without no reason walking down the street knowing that I am embraced no matter what I do or not do.”

“You made me see something in myself, that I was making some kind of distinction between ‘you’ as being awakened, in whatever sense, and ‘me’ as being unawakened, and needing something you had…  But you nudged me toward seeing something in myself… although your message comes from deep and non-duality… you, as Jeff, are a thoroughly warm and gentle person, your ‘jeffness’ helped me along… to me the sense of warmth is much more important than anything else, and I find actually the ‘teachers’ that are of most help to me are somehow personal, not de-personal… it’s an important thing…”

“Jeff gave us a well grounded, uncomplicated and clear description of spiritual reality. He offers a glimpse behind the curtain of our life’s illusion and grinning shouts: ‘Come on in! The water’s fine’.”

“Jeff’s message is profound yet simple.”

“I feel such a deep wave of love and gratitude for having met you. Life is such a beautiful mystery. Being with you yesterday has given me such a depth to the understanding of this at just the perfect moment, of course! Whatever avenue I go down, Deepest Acceptance, Freedom, Love, Service, Surrender, I end up with I Am. I Am Deepest Acceptance, I Am Freedom, I Am Love, I Am Service, I Am Surrender. This is the realisation, of course, but it feels fresh and with a new depth too.”

“So grateful for this very special meeting… your voice still echoes in my head, especially “It’s already accepted”. Thank you!”

“Jeff, after meeting with you, I lost all interest in enlightenment and all the dreams I had about it.” – S.A.

“Thank you for the talk last night. This message keeps resonating in my heart deeply. Within minutes of listening to you I went on defrost.”

“While Jeff is one of the most popular non-duality teachers out there, and has put out several DVDs and books, I don’t think you could meet a more humble person. I attended his talk at The Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice, CA in 2009, and can tell you he has a low key, but charismatic presence. He doesn’t appear to take anything too seriously, and is quick to have a good laugh.”

“[The meeting] was very warm and touching. What love. Wow.”

“I’ve read so many, interpretations, on living life without the conceptual overlays that we place on it, and truly seeing, and you are by far, the most straightforward and clearest I’ve came across. I can only speak from my experience, but you resonate with me deeply, and because of that, I’m able to truly experience life radically different. For that I thank you deeply.”

“I picked up a few bits which I did not find in talks by other speakers. Jeff was very entertaining too, brilliant sense of humour. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lovely group too.”

“Great talk yesterday. Thanks for really driving home the point that there is nothing to wait for, and that freedom is in every experience – it just may look different from what we may expect. Freedom in life, not freedom from experiencing the ‘bad/scary’ parts of it.”

“Your work has touched my heart and so many others in a way that really integrates deep and authentic spirituality into our daily very ordinary human lives. Your ability to reach out from personal experience with depression and truly meet those who are suffering is helping bring peace and ease to the hearts of so many. I am so grateful to you, as I have found the depth of compassion, authenticity, humility and wisdom that you share to be quite rare in ‘Spiritual’ circles and is a great gift! … It’s inspiring to witness such a pure expression of love, and I feel grateful to you. I have learned a lot through your teachings and felt ‘met’ through your understanding and compassion for simply being human in all its beauty and confusion.” – L.L.

“Thanks again for the meetings this weekend… I had a lovely time. Seeing that every wave is totally ocean, even the waves that hurt or that try desperately to find the ocean leaves one soaking wet! And what is noticed then is that there is an ease to life, even when life is troublesome, or painful or challenging.”

“Jeff’s metaphor of the ocean and the waves was very helpful for me, and also his talk about total and deep acceptance was very clear and liberating in its effect on this listener.”

“Thank you again for the time you shared with us this weekend.  I am back home now… feeling very relaxed and peaceful and experiencing life as oh, so very, very sweet.”

“Thank you for coming to Sebastopol! It was a very “ripe” day for me, one realization after another. I deeply appreciate your sharing about your father and his teachings. As you spoke during the day I was aware of shifts in awareness; an internal paying of attention, deep resonance. It’s almost as though I’ve absorbed something without the words to remember. I finally get your metaphor of the ocean and waves. I thought I had “gotten it” before, but not in this way. Thank you.”

“Dear Jeff, thank you for your beautiful simplicity in expressing non duality. Your words have pierced straight through the ‘fuzz’ and made me sigh with relief at the ordinariness (beauty) of it all.”

“Jeff, just want to tell you how much the message of the ‘already-ness’ of it sinks so deeply, and pulls together and makes real so much spiritual knowledge, previously only intellectually understood. That all that appears has already happened – it’s so darn logical (ha!) and mysteriously, sweetly, it so deeply touches my heart.I feel so much less judgment (against myself & others), no shame, no guilt over what’s happening – what’s already happened in the moment. And in touching that radical acceptance, in that clarity, there is an ease, a sweetness & joy, in actions (or non-actions) that come about, and in feeling what would otherwise have been obscured by the innocent fighting against what already is.”

“Thank you so much for the week! Wow… I really felt a beautiful shift into finding permission for everything. I really enjoyed it.”

“I enjoyed the meeting in Midhurst very much … It was the first time in my spiritual search that I’ve experienced such a ‘satsang’ … so simple, informal, without an exotic background, just like friends sitting together in the remembrance of what we really are…”

“Jeff, your clarity and insight help me through the toughest of times and the happiest too…” – J.M.

“I feel moved to write to let you know that at some point in yesterday’s meeting the need/my need to understand, to be given the secret, the key, etc., just was no longer there. The best that can be said is that ‘here’ it was undramatic, utterly familiar and fresh, with a sense of something like relief and an expansive gratitude for Jeff and everything. Thank you for not being a guru, for not answering my questions, for being an unpretentious, loving, humourous, ordinary bloke, and for something/nothing that cannot be explained, understood, conceptualized, given, taken, improved, but always IS…”

“Dear Jeff, what a week it was in Someren [Holland retreat]. Beautiful and overwhelming. For me it was awakening from the dream of separation and I feel very thankful. Thankful for everything I see, for every smell, touch, sound, thought, heartbeat… When I look back I see that I was looking for God outside, whilst thinking that I was looking inside! And in that one moment during the meeting with you, inside and outside fell away. And since then there is only this, here, now, wow! And somehow in this now I found eternity. Dear Jeff, once more, thank you for bringing me home. What you brought to us is really beyond words. There is really nothing more to say, just to live it…”

“Your words are astoundingly clear. Thank you for the reminder of what I realized, and subsequently forgot, when I saw you in San Francisco. This understanding that I’ve already said, “Yes” to everything that is occurring right now is so liberating…once again.” – J.D.

“Jeff, this gift of seeing “that whatever is arising has already been admitted”, has been perhaps the most profound pointer I have ever been given. To find over and over this solid allowance seen on the before side of the thought that enters that say’s “this shouldn’t be here”, has been so profoundy beautiful! A deep, deep thank you!” – L.C.

“While I have also listened to other ‘teachers’ I have always come back to you because of your refreshing, loving yet uncompromising way of conveying this message… Listening to you talk about it the way you do lets me sigh with relief; nothing wrong with whatever is and THIS is already – no matter which stories mind produces. Thank you very much, Jeff.”

“What we are noticing since we saw you is that things are seen with greater clarity. Love is felt in more fullness. There is a peace a lightness that feels beautiful… The desire to hold on to concepts fell away and with it the feeling of heaviness is gone… Everything you said penetrated us with so much clarity, it sounded like common sense… You speaking with such purity, always pointing us back to the moment, triggered something to pop…”

“Profound to be on (your) retreat in Scotland 2 years ago. Been quite a journey since!” – E.J.

“Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the meeting. I have come from a background of satsang, and have picked up a few spiritual concepts along the way. It was great to be in a meeting where it felt like, as you say, friends hanging out.”

“No one drives home this truth more than you that every thing, absolutely every thing and non thing is It (and of course not it). Somehow, someway it resonates so deeply that even while writing this tears stream down my face… You also so very clearly, succinctly impart the ordinariness of the awakened life. That there is nothing to aspire to or aspire for is sinking deeper and deeper into this life, as well as there is nothing “I” can do to experience/realize what is already there.”

“I want to thank you again for your wonderful answer to my question… Since [the meeting] last weekend, my life has been so ordinary, yet extraordinary in that there has been no feeling of missing anything or anyone, and there is nothing missing… just a vague feeling somewhere at the back of my mind/head, out of reach, perhaps beyond reach, that I used to be unhappy, but somehow now Iím normal…canít describe it really…”

“I wanted to let you know that during my trip back from the retreat, something fell away, or shifted, I don’t know, but suddenly everything was crystal clear. No-one was here, doing the seeing. Nothing was happening (and yet everything was happening). Everything was still, empty, and at the same time everything was bursting with life. What happenend was that all the pointers and words of (the retreat) the week before were bouncing around in my head (or somewhere) and suddenly, well, you were right, haha! It is simple… it’s just This… I just wanted to thank you again for speaking and writing about this in such a way that something over here was touched, or resonated with the truth…”

“I discovered Jeff Foster in April 2010 through some friends of mine…. I had been secretely searching for the ‘perfect moment’ all of my life, the moment I would be happy for good, thinking that something or somebody could give me a magic tool which allow me not to suffer for the rest of my life. After attending Jeff’s meetings and reading his books, I allowed myself the freedom to experience any sort of situation and emotions without having to feel guilty about it or feeling I am going backwards and beating my self up for it. Today being happy, crying or feeling like a failure are all opportunities for me to celbrate this life with open arms…”

“I absolutely love Jeff Foster. I found a friend, a brother, who spoke directly to my heart (myself suffering great pain and misery)…. Thank you Jeff, thank you – you explain life in its absolute simplicity. I know you are not an enlightened master, just a guy who knows what is true, and I love you for it, eternally. I thank you from my heart of hearts for not being a master, but in so many ways, paradoxically, you are the master beyond masters.”

“I am a huge fan of Jeff’s. I love the way he communicates this teaching, very fresh and authentic. I especially like the way he explains how Absolutism can be the favourite place for the ego to hide and how it can be used to push away life.”

“Meeting you was something special, in a way it moved me very much… Your talks are such clear descriptions, it is an extraordinary gift!… THANK YOU for being around and sharing with open hands! I think you are a great gift to this world.”

“Early this morning went for a walk, or at least the illusion of going for a walk. Everything seemed so bright and clear after the weekend…. and after the weekend. I had the sense of seeing what had not been seen before and can’t say what it is. you pointed to something which seems more obvious now. Being in your workshop/playshop beingness-being-together, was like a continual koan in an endless unfolding lotus flower…”

“The most precious, unexpected keys I discovered from your meeting are humility and perseverance…
Knowing that I am already accepted, even when I can’t accept the movie of my life, even if I feel like I have failed at everything and disappointed everyone, even if I can’t taste my own taste, even if most of the time, I’d rather not be here, changed something. I can’t explain it, but something changed…”