A Short Note On Suffering

We try to escape from suffering, without asking ourselves what the word ‘suffering’ really means. For example: Extreme fear – is it suffering? Well, when you’re about to jump out of a plane for a skydive, extreme fear may arise – but it’s part of the excitement, it’s part of the experience, it’s just there. […]

The Balloon (Nonduality in a Nutshell)

We think that freedom consists in having what we want. In reality, freedom is a kind of loss. As Jesus said, you have to lose your life to save it. When there is no longer any ownership of life, no longer anyone there who is trying to possess any aspect of experience, life is no […]

Imagine a game…

The most amazing, mysterious, ingenious game ever devised… Everybody is playing it, but nobody knows they’re playing it. Everybody has forgotten.   There are no rules to this Game, except the rules that you play by. There is no goal, except the goal you are aiming for.   Nobody wins the Game – but nobody […]