DVD Conversations on Non-Duality, Volume 2

DVD:144 minutes
Publisher:Non-Duality Press
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“Everybody seeks happiness, although it is not often noticed that seeking itself is precisely the activity that veils the very happiness that is being sought. When it is seen clearly that happiness is not to be found in any particular object, state or circumstance, a deep relaxation takes place. This relaxation leaves us at the threshold of another possibility. This possibility is felt as an invitation from an unknown and yet strangely familiar direction. It is a call to return to our true home, the source of happiness. These conversations explore the nature of our desire for happiness with reason, humour and love. They are the many voices of this call to come home.”

Interviews on this DVD

Jeff Foster – Life Without A Centre (53 minutes)
Jeff Foster graduated in astrophysics from Cambridge University in 2001. After two years of searching within he awoke from the dream of separation. Jeff is an original and increasingly influential author and speaker in UK, Europe and the US.

Richard Sylvester – I Hope You Die Soon:
Richard Sylvester is a humanist psychologist, therapist and lecturer. An encounter with Tony Parsons in 2002 led to a shift in perspective and he has subsequently authored two books on the subject, most recently The Book of No One.

Roger Linden – The Elusive Obvious:
Roger Linden spent years as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and therapist before his understanding shifted beyond reliance on spiritual states to a realisation of the Elusive Obvious. Roger offers private dialogues and open meetings in London, UK.