DVD Science And Nonduality, Volume 1

DVD:3-DVD set
Publisher:Neti Neti Media
Duration: 580 minutes
Regions:All regions
Format:NTSC Video


What is nonduality? How does the ‘I’? Who is the doer? If everything is truly nothing, why do we perceive so much complexity? If everything is unfolding as it should, can we have free will? Is nondual awareness the end point for the evolution of consciousness?

Take twenty one of the finest thinkers in the fields of neuroscience, quantum physics, psychotherapy, art, Vedanta, Sufism, Judaism, and Buddhism and ask them some of the toughest questions known to humankind and this is what you get: A groundbreaking anthology of interviews that illuminate the deepest and most compelling mysteries of the human experience.

This DVD is the first of its kind to explore the convergence between science and nonduality. Rather than being heavily edited to direct the viewer according to a particular opinion, each of the interviews is a stand alone piece that allows us to fully experience the depth of the speaker. Each interview is a unique journey that ultimately brings us back to the source of all, beyond concepts and words. Enjoy!