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Jeff Foster Meetings in France, 2010-2014, with French translation

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Unconditioned Awareness and the Challenges of Everyday Life – Interview with Jeff Foster, Peter Fenner and Tami Simon, Dec 2013

What is it that is here no matter what’s going on around us? Why does the experience of pure awareness seem so hard to hold on to? Tami Simon speaks with Sounds True authors Peter Fenner and Jeff Foster about the nature of awareness and how we can begin to offer the gifts of our realization to those around us. (75 minutes). Listen via iTunes:

Jeff Foster speaks with Tami Simon of Sounds True, Nov 2012 and Jan 2013

Listen to Jeff in dialogue with Tami Simon on Insights at the Edge here – (part 1) and here – (part 2)

Interview with Jeff Foster, June 2012, by Femke Wijdekop (American Book Center & Amsterdam FM Radio) on The Deepest Acceptance

Interview with Lilou Mace in the Netherlands, May 2012 – The Juicy Living Tour

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Jeff Foster on Nonduality Street with Jerry Katz, August 2011

Jeff Foster speaks to Jerry Katz of You can listen here.

Jeff & Scott Kiloby: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nonduality… July 2011

Jeff and Scott Kiloby reconvene in a dialogue about freedom. They don’t purport to be experts. There is no ultimate authority. But they are experts in their own experience, like everyone else. And in this discussion, they speak about their experience, running the full gamut between notions of Absolute and relative and all things in between. You can listen here.