A Healing Conversation

Sadness: “Sorry, awareness, I know I shouldn’t be here. I’m so sorry. I’ll be leaving soon. I know I’m a stain on your perfection…”
Awareness: “No. Wait. It’s okay. You’re allowed to be here! Relax! Stay awhile! Invite your friends!”
Sadness: “You mean, I’m not a stain on your perfection?”
Awareness: “Ha ha! Oh, no, no, my dear! A stain? Perfection? Whoever told you that? How could I be stained by you, or anyone? How sweet!”
Sadness: “But they told me I shouldn’t be here!”
Awareness: “Ah, they are all just afraid of you, because they don’t see that you are inseparable from me! They are trying to reach something called enlightenment in something called the future. It’s very endearing.”
Sadness: “But I don’t understand. I thought you preferred happiness to me?”
Awareness: “Preferred? What does that mean?”
Sadness: “Oh…. Well I know how negative I am, and…”
Awareness: “Negative? What’s that?”
Sadness: “You know, positive and negative, light and dark, heaven and hell, you and me?”
Awareness: “Nope. Never heard of them. Hell, I don’t even know who I”m talking to right now!”
Sadness: “Oh sorry. Let me introduce myself. I’m sadness…”
Awareness: “Sadness. Sadness. Interesting. You know, it’s just that you’re so close I can’t see your boundaries, so it’s hard for me to call you anything at all.”
Sadness: “Oh, all this time I thought I was a mistake. I thought I shouldn’t be here. I’ve never even stopped to check with you…”
Awareness: “Yes, I know, it’s strange! They all do the same, for some reason. Fear, anger, even pain, I don’t understand why they are all scared of me. I have never asked them to leave. And happiness, joy, bliss, too – I have never asked them to stay. Everyone is either trying to stay, or trying to run away from me! It’s very peculiar.”
Sadness: “So, they are ALL allowed to come and to go in you? I mean, you allow it all?”
Awareness: “Well… More than that! You see, I can’t actually allow anything, or get rid of anything. It’s all just myself. Do you see? Even you….”
Sadness: “You mean…. I am not… I’m not sadness?”
Awareness: “Of course not, my dear child! You are made of myself. I’m dancing as you…”
Sadness: “I am you? Oh, then…. then how can I call you awareness….”
“Exactly. Then….. there’s no problem.”
“And there never was”.

“I’m sorry I kept running away”.
“I’m sorry you felt that you couldn’t stay”.