A Life Fully Lived

Who is willing to stare life in the face?

Who is willing to abandon second-hand concepts about second-hand revelations, forge their own path, and neither cling to the paths of others nor reject a single one of them?

Who is willing to never settle for easy answers, no matter how comforting those answers may sound in the midst of our pain?

Who is willing to let go of those nondual cliches – “there is no me”, “free will is an illusion”, “everything is a concept” – which once sounded so exciting and even controversial, but now just feel stale, overused, and a little sad?

Who is willing to throw away their books, cease endlessly quoting from their favourite perceived authorities, find their own language and unique voice and live a first-hand life that nobody else has ever lived or could ever live?

Who is willing to sacrifice their certainty, their credibility, their intellectual prowess and so-called ‘spiritual evolution’ for one shot at a life fully experienced?

Who is willing to consider that this day may be their final day to experience anything at all?

Who is ready to risk everything for the rapture of uncertainty, doubt, shattered dreams, mystery, and blood pumping through their veins?

Who will join me in this creative fire?