“Being Open to Life… No Matter What Happens”

We spend our lives seeking wealth, love, success, approval, and even ‘spiritual enlightenment’ in the future. Yet right at the heart of life there is an intimacy, a simplicity, a vast spaciousness that is totally beyond words – and which cannot be reached through any effort of ours. In our exhausting attempts to change, to improve ourselves, to become ‘perfect’ or ‘enlightened’, or perfectly enlightened, we end up ignoring this wordless intimacy which exists here and now – an intimacy which is really our true home, and the end of our seeking.

We try so hard to be open to life, to open up to every experience, only to discover who we really are: Being, already fully open to life, already fully open to every experience.

What we are – Being – is already the openness we seek.

In a way, these four words summarise the entire spiritual search, and the end of that search: