Detachment or Devotion?

Thoughts, sensations, feelings, sounds, arise and dissolve in you, and none of them can ever touch you. You are the unlimited, boundless, ever-present wide open space that holds all of them as they come and go. Who you are on the deepest level can never be damaged, tainted or dirtied by any of the forms that arise and dissolve, just as the movie screen is never affected by the movie that plays, and never clings to it or pushes it away. You are the Untouchable. You are pure clarity and unshakeable detachment.

At exactly the same time, as thoughts, sensations, feelings, sounds, arise and dissolve, you have no way of separating yourself from them at all. There is no boundary, no division, no gap, no way of blocking them out, no division between ‘you’ and all there is. All apparent forms are only appearances of yourself. Every thought, every sensation, every feeling is beloved to you, as a movement of yourself, as an intimate dance of the consciousness that you are. These are all your beloved children, made of yourself. You are the cosmic Parent of all apparent form. You are pure love and devotion.

Some spiritual paths stress the cultivation of detachment and cosmic indifference to form, and some stress love and devotion and the worship of form. We sit cross-legged on the floor by ourselves and cultivate pure awareness, or we dance and sing and chant together to our colourful deities and gurus. Both paths contain a secret invitation to remember who we really are – already perfectly detached, already perfectly devoted. Already perfectly engaged, already perfectly at peace. The entire spiritual drama, the search for something ‘in here’, or the worship of something ‘out there’, has only ever been pointing back to the simple and boundless truth of who you really are, here and now…