How Deeply Can We Meet?

Life gently calls us to come closer, closer, and closer still.

Each breath, each thought, each vibrantly alive sensation, each sound, each intense feeling surging through space is a little messenger of grace, whispering “do not be afraid, know that I am also life, know that I am only yourself.”

The final teaching is not to be found in books or on websites or spoken through the mouths of so-called figures of authority. Our too-clever mind-formulations such as ‘there is no me’ or ‘free will is an illusion”, our certainties and mental abstractions and word games pale in comparison to the continual awe of being witness to this eternal and mysterious dance of being and becoming echoing through eternity.

The final teacher will not be found in classrooms or at satsangs or preaching in pulpits or at conferences. The final teacher is life itself, and this living teaching only begins when we truly meet what is here with open arms.
How deeply can we meet?

Stand naked in front of me now, without the protection of your favourite philosophy, without your dusty old books, without quoting what you have read or been told, without even the familiar thought ‘who meets who?’ or ‘it’s all just a story’ to comfort you or separate us.

If you think you have found the answers, if you’re excited because you think you’ve ‘arrived’, even if you believe yourself to be ‘the enlightened one’, that’s okay, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we’ve all been through it. And if you think you haven’t found the answers yet, if you feel lost and lonely and far from home, that’s okay too. Just stay close.

Bring to me your frustration, your confusion, your joy and your pains, your certainties and your doubts, and let us sit together awhile.