Imagine a game…

The most amazing, mysterious, ingenious game ever devised…

Everybody is playing it, but nobody knows they’re playing it.

Everybody has forgotten.


There are no rules to this Game, except the rules that you play by.

There is no goal, except the goal you are aiming for.


Nobody wins the Game – but nobody loses either.

The grand prize and the booby prize are the same: The Game itself.


There is no escape from the Game – even the attempt to escape the Game is part of the Game.

And if anyone thinks they’ve escaped the Game…. well, that’s part of the Game too.

If anyone thinks that they understand the Game, that they are an ‘authority’ on the Game, or that they can ‘teach’ you how to win the Game…. that is also part of the Game.


Everything that happens in the Game is perfectly appropriate for the player.

It seems as though the Game was designed for you. That’s part of the Game.

The Game seems personal, but it is also totally universal.

It’s your Game…. and yet everybody is playing the same Game.

This too is part of the Game.


As long as you are playing this Game, you can’t go wrong.


Want to play?

Sorry, you have no choice.

You’re already in the middle of it.

The Game is already being played.

This Game is Life Itself.


And if you are reading this message, the Game is already complete.


This is the Game talking to Itself, reminding Itself that it is complete.

Now, you’re free to play….