Just A Thought

This has nothing to do with effort.

This has nothing to do with understanding.

Nothing to do with process,
nothing to do with praxis.

Nothing to do with lack of process or praxis.

This is not about seeing anything new,
or getting rid of anything old.

This is not something the mind could ever grasp.
Nor does the mind need to give up its grasping.

This is nothing personal,
nor does it have anything to do with the “impersonal”.

This is not about choiceless awareness,
or seeing through the ego, or self-enquiry.

This cannot be expressed using concepts.
Nor will it ever be expressed in the absence of concepts.

This is not about words.
Not even these words.

This is not about getting anywhere.

This has nothing to do with any kind of future achievement.

This is not about following a path:
there is no path, although there may be the idea of “a path”.

This is not about reaching a higher state:
there are no higher states,
although there may be concepts about “higher states”.

This is not about becoming anything,
although beliefs about that may arise too.

This is certainly not about “putting an end to the I”.
Only an “I” would want that.

This is most definitely not about “becoming more present” –
the present was never lost in the first place.

This is not about waiting for an event called liberation –
that would require time,
and a “me” who would eventually become liberated.

This has nothing to do with going “beyond” anything –
there is nothing to go beyond,
and nobody who could go beyond
even if they wanted to.

This is not about enlightenment.
There is no such thing as enlightenment.

This is not about awakening.
There is no such thing as awakening.

This is not about enlightened individuals passing on their understanding.
That’s a good story, and a compelling one,
but it’s just a story, and has no deeper reality.

This is not something that could be of any use to anyone.

This is not something that anyone would ever want.

But no matter –
the “me” who would want this
is just a thought anyway.

Just a thought.