Not A Teaching

This is not a teaching, and I am not a teacher. This is a sharing of something so intimate, so present, so damn alive that words cannot even begin to touch it.  A sharing of the possibility of absolute freedom, right in the midst of this very ordinary life.

This has nothing to do with gurus and disciples, spiritual teachers and students, lineages, awakened sages or enlightened masters. That is all in the dream of separation, the dream of separate people.

You see, the moment you have an ‘individual’, a ‘person in the world’, you have separation, and the moment you have separation you have the longing to end that separation, to heal the divide, to come Home. It’s the wave longing to return to the ocean. But of course there never was an individual wave separate from the ocean. The wave was always part of the ocean. It was the ocean itself, playing the game of being a separate wave.

But the little wave is inherently a seeker, and he or she runs around the world like a headless chicken, desperately trying to fill the void, to put an end to that felt sense of separation and lack. And whether it’s the search for material wealth, or the search for spiritual enlightenment, it’s essentially the same search. It’s the search for Home.

That’s what we long for more than anything – to come Home, just to come Home.

What we are sharing here is the possibility that you never left Home in the first place. The little wave was always trying to find something that was never actually lost. You cannot find Oneness because you never actually lost it. And you never lost it because you never had it. You always were it. The wave was always, always, a perfect expression of that which cannot be expressed. You have always been the divine expression, expressing itself perfectly, completely, leaving no trace, no residue.

Life Without A Centre is about the possibility that the lifelong search for something more (which is really the sense of being an individual separate from the whole) can be seen through. It’s not an intellectual thing. It’s a freefall into Intimacy. Totally beyond the intellect. Totally beyond words. And in that seeing-through, all religions, all philosophies, all ideologies, all spiritual teachings, paths and practices are rendered obsolete.

This is not a rejection of paths and practices, but a movement beyond them. For those who are ready to listen, for those who are ready to lose everything and gain everything, for those who are ready to ‘die before they die’ and discover something beyond death, this is the possibility of total freedom, right in the midst of a very ordinary life.