On Dis-Illusionment

We are all waves in life’s vast ocean, seemingly separate but really inseparable, all expressions of that one Life beyond words, all movements of the great Unmoveable.

Looking deeply into our present experience and recognising our inseparability from this Life is known as wisdom.

Recognising that essence in ‘another’, so that there ceases to be an ‘other’ at all, is known as love.

As seemingly individual waves, our purpose is not to reach the ocean, nor to gain it or possess it, but to recognise it as our very essence, to rediscover it where we already are, to know it beyond concepts here and now.

No amount of striving, seeking, chanting, meditating, praying, worshipping, contorting our bodies into strange positions, nor any number of orgasmic spiritual or religious experiences will bring the wave nearer to the ocean. Water does not know ‘near’ or ‘far’ from itself, and the wave is already That which it seeks, before the search even began.

But perhaps all the striving and seeking and efforting will only lead the wave to that thrilling point of exhaustion and total dis-illusionment with itself, to that cosmic breakdown which is really spiritual breakthrough. And then, perhaps, attention can turn 180 degrees towards what is already here, towards what is first-hand and living as opposed to what is inherited and conditioned, and the wave can discover That which it was always seeking, vibrantly present and alive within its current experience.

From the perspective of the ocean, nothing has happened at all. There is no journey from here to here, only immutable peace.

From the perspective of the wave, this is the end of suffering and seeking, and the beginning of a life saturated with unspeakable love and wisdom. There is a journey, but it is a paradoxical one, towards what is always already known.

This is the invitation of The Deepest Acceptance, and we are all invited, regardless of race, nationality, religion, colour, creed, education, background, or anything else that would separate us in an oceanic dream.