On Trying To Allow This Moment

Trying to allow this moment? Trying to escape this moment?

Trying to surrender to it?

“You” are already too late!

Present thoughts, sensations, sounds and feelings, are already here. Sounds obvious, but within that obviousness lies cosmic treasure.

The floodgates of this moment are already wide open, and cannot be closed. Present thoughts, sensations, sounds and feelings are already flooding in, so to speak. In other words, “you” have already failed to block this moment out! There is simply nobody here in charge of the floodgates, nobody separate from life, nobody who can stem the wild flow of Being. What you are is helplessly, choicelessly allowing this moment to be, giving birth to an entire universe.

It is this “already as it is” nature of life that is the key to boundless freedom and unlimited creative expression, and even compassionate, intelligent action, however contradictory that sounds to the rational mind, which believes that change can only come from the story, that deep rest is merely stagnation and passivity, and that effortlessness can only come from effort.

Forget trying to allow or resist this moment, and forget trying to control life or to surrender that control, and recognise that on a deeper level, beyond understanding, this moment has already been completely allowed, and what you are feeling and sensing and smelling and tasting right now is only the result of total acceptance, prior to the upsurge of the image of “you” as the one who accepts or not.

What you are, beyond the story, has already said YES to this moment. And “herein lies the peace of God”, as they say.