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Readers’ Comments

“The Deepest Acceptance is a beautiful book. Thank you!” – C.B.

“Just finished the book yesterday. So precious! Reading it again. Perhaps the best readings on relationship and addictions ever for me. Thank you Jeff!!” – M.H.

“Just completed reading your latest book, and I think it’s a superb map.” – K.P

“I bought it the other day! It was amazing! Thank you for your insights and sharing your journey!” – N.C.

“I finished reading The Deepest Acceptance about a week ago and I want to thank you for bringing the relative back into Advaita…” – M.B.

“Thank you for your book. It has brought peace and clarity to me through trauma and pain and helped me see with eyes of love again.” – R.K.

“I am into your book…I cry often upon reading it. It is my medicine and my portal.” – S.F

“I have been doing the exercise around compulsion from your book…I have not eaten any kind of sugar for days and I do not even miss it. It’s the first time in years. Thank you.” – N.T.

“The Chapter about Addiction in your great book “The Deepest Acceptance” helps me more than each book I have ever read about food problems and diets. I have problems with food for twenty- five years or longer and the overweight as a result of it, is a problem within the problem. This in combination with a compulsion with numbers I have so long as I can remember, one can say that I am not free at all, but live, although I have a beautiful profession, in a self-created prison. Your book shows me a way out. Thank you so much” – P.D.

“I love the idea of acceptance as something to be recognised and not done. Almost every spiritual teacher says, you have to accept this and that, accept your non-acceptance, create the second layer of acceptance, etc, etc… and now I read your book and I am blown away by “everything that is, has been already accepted by what you really are. The ocean has allowed the waves to arise…” It is so refreshing, thanks.” – M.R.

“Jeff Foster’s, “The Deepest Acceptance: Radical Awakening in Ordinary Life”, has a way of conveying truth that is clear and simple, yet profound, and wonderfully poetic. His view of the importance of ‘release’ is a key in understanding that addictions go beyond the ‘objects’ of addictions, to the very core. His understanding of simply being aware of the ‘urge’ is crucial for coming to terms with most addictions. Jeff’s sharing of this perspective so compassionately with the reader is truly a major achievement and one which contributes most wisely to the evolution of consciousness. Enjoy!” – Robert Thomson, Amazon Reviewer

“Of the hundreds of books I have read on spirituality this is perhaps the clearest, most succinct. If you are looking for another book on “spiritual bypassing” move on. This is about embracing the totality of what it means to be spiritually human, embracing ALL the gifts of our precious lives with conscious presence and depth. I cannot recall ever reading a book that is more clear about relationships, addictions and the common endless pitfalls of spiritual seeking. This is a book that will help you understand why so many spiritual book junkies have been sucked into a vortex of endless searching. This book will bring you back to the most powerful teacher on the planet: your life. I hope Jeff comes to Sedona and helps the multitudes of disembodied “seekers” here understand and fully feel what it means to be alive, present and awake to the splendor of life in its totality!” – B.B.

“(Your book) is really astonishing! I am familiar with similar teachings, but the way you hold it together, the raw, radical simplicity, just blows my mind, literally speaking! – M.G.

“Phenomenal insight into the ONE. . . wonderful book. Highly recommend it.” – Carol O, Sounds True website

“I’ve read Jeff’s book and it’s truly a masterpiece and an eye-opener!” – J.R.

“This book is really coming to terms with you you are and accepting yourself how God made you. The author talks a lot about showing compassion, not only to others, but to ourselves as well. Foster also discusses the ordinary things in life that often lead to a spiritual awakening and gently leads us on the path toward our own life’s journey as it is meant to be. I was impressed and awed by this book.”

“In watching videos of Jeff Foster, what immediately comes across is his humility, vulnerability and warmth. The same qualities come across in this book. Jeff does a wonderful job of getting across the reality of the perfection of the moment and the acceptance of everything in the moment. An excellent masterpiece of a book. Highly recommended.” – Steve Daily, Sounds True website

“Thanks for a beautiful book Jeff! The ‘recognition’ of peace you speak of is exactly that – a RE-cognition of that which has never left us!” – P.B.

“(The book) sure helped something to click for me… something moved that hadn’t yet moved….” – S.W.

“We love your new book… Sounds True have done a great job and your writing is the clearest and most lucid yet.” – P.P

“Just wanted to write and say how much I am enjoying your new book. It’s written with such warmth and clarity” – M.J.

“The Deepest Acceptance is my favourite book of the year. I am rereading it and as I do I feel blessed, connected and totally loved. It is such an exciting read. I’m buying 2 copies for presents too. If you only buy yourself one gift this year make it ‘The Deepest Acceptance’.” – J.M.

“Your book finally reached me… What and how you write about non duality plucks at the string of whole being. Not just a heart or mind.” – L.K

“Thank you. This book is going to save my life.” – A.S.

“Thank you for your book and making it so clear that all that appears already IS… and that there is nothing that I have to do, no more work, no more effort, no more shoulds and have to’s. Wow. The beauty is, that when I do work, scream, try to mould, manage, etc., that is also already arising and thus accepted. Never a NO and never anything “wrong”. Yes!” – A.B.

“The Deepest Acceptance touches my heart so deeply and I am grateful beyond words.” – P.D.

“Such a soothing balm for a troubled heart …the Deepest Gratitude.” – T.B.

“[The Deepest Acceptance] is a gift, and the teachings are coming at the perfect time. I am especially impacted by the chapter on relationship and honesty…Your teachings are helping me … accept the part of me that is seeking… accepting all of it, the seeker and the one who knows that the seeking is preventing the experience of actually Being and Receiving Love. … I am opening more and more to simply “meeting” the human being in front of me…” – S.S.

“Great book… I so love it… soothing & calming with wonderful insights… thank you for sharing your wisdom.” – R.B.

“Jeff I finished reading your books and watching your DVDs. Thank you so much man, it has changed my life experience in a real way. So long seeking, so exhausting!” – O.C.

“Thank you so much for your excellent book! It is a masterpiece.” – J.R.

“So close, so simple, so special, reading the book, tears rinse the mud in my ‘I’s that made me think and feel for years as if i wasn’t good enough, and at the same time, always too much as well, ending right here, now…” – P.G.


“Jeff Foster is easily one of the best known and effective spiritual teachers in practice today. Awakeness has been consciously functioning through him for a lot of years now, and it really shows in this new book. One word? Maturity. Another? Love.

Jeff’s joy in all that is, precisely as it is, really shines here. He’s in love with life itself and he’s inviting us to the same dance. That’s always been Jeff’s message. The difference with this book, however, is that rather than just inviting us, he’s passing along his ticket! At last he’s telling us HOW. The absolute position that there’s “nothing to do and no one to do it” is a great teaching strategy to elicit a fundamental shift, but it is simply not the whole truth.

Here is HOW to raise your understanding. Here is HOW to deepen your apparent personal surrender. Here is HOW to make more of a contribution to a planet that sorely needs your attention.

In this book, Jeff lets the cat out of the bag with specific questions, suggestions, exercises and observations that we can use for ourselves to enhance our own spiritual maturity. This is great stuff; different from the general churn of material we sometimes see coming and going in the field. And this guy is absolutely For Real. As a result of my website I’ve had some dealings with Jeff, and I can report that he’s funny and generous, without a trace of elitism, or hint of arrogance. With this book he has come into his own, and we are all richer for it. Thanks, Jeff.

A must-read.”

Fred Davis, Awakening Clarity


“Reading this book is like reminding yourself of what you have always inwardly known but never quite managed to express, that at some deep level, beyond your mind – you have already said `yes’ to everything that is happening here, and although you may not like every detail of it there is a realisation that it couldn’t be otherwise and couldn’t be improved.

As my mother used to say after she had told me off for misbehaving – `I will always love you, even though I don’t always like what you do’. This is a bit like the reminder that Jeff gives us in this book – that no matter what it looks like we are always an expression of this Love – because it is what we ARE – not something that we need to earn or achieve.
Marcel Proust said: `The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.’ This is the amazing and yet ordinary message of nonduality – that THIS infinite moment is `it’ – and everything is unfolding here as it must – only without the `must’!

This is not about `attracting abundance’ from the universe but about seeing that who you really are, beyond the play of individuality, lacks nothing and needs nothing – and therefore has nothing to fear. Once this is realised everything is transformed.

Jeff’s style is fresh and contemporary although the content of his message is timeless. This is his first mainstream book and will appeal to both those new to his writing and to those long-time `seekers’ who may finally see that what they sought has always been right before their very eyes.

Although very accessible this book is not simplistic or compromised – it is about a totally radical turnaround in what we see ourselves to be.

There is an ecstasy that comes from recognising what you really are in the description of another. Jeff’s words in this `instant classic’ will stay with me always because not only do they express a now obvious truth but they are in essence my own words – finally remembered and given voice – and they will be yours too.”

– Roger P, Coventry, England (Amazon Review)


“I found myself weeping a lot as I read this book. Its the deepest compassion expressed in words. It reminds me of Rumi’s quote, “Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” This book opens the reader to that field, the field of infinite compassion, the home we are all looking for.” – Norah Tunney, Amazon Review

“By far, one of the best writings in Non Dual Spirituality I have read. Jeff talks in great detail about the very ordinary and human aspects of Spiritual awakening and embodyment with great wisdom, clarity and kindness. I found the teachings in this book to be very supportive and transformative. I very highly recommend this book to everyone on the spiritual path. Both beginners and long time practitioners will greatly benefit as these teachings gently point us back to where we can meet again as One in our shared humanity.” – Lisa Lindenlaub, Amazon Review

“I feel this book is truly a constant invitation to not leave spiritual awakening where it is often left, as a search for experiences, a way to avoid the messiness of life (or some sort of head trip). It invites you into every nook and cranny of life’s experience, leaving no stone unturned. Definitely a mature book and radical at the same time. I cannot say enough about Jeff’s humility as a teacher and his openness to let life itself be the teacher. A rare breed indeed.” – Scott Kiloby, Living Realization

“I have read and reread Jeff Foster new book and it is as if it has been written by unconditional love. It touched and touches me again and again and it is as if I can finally just be….. As if I can rest. The words ‘deeply okay’ keep ringing in my head, they make me smile and they make me feel deeply okay, even if there seems to be chaos, anger, pain, whatever. This is the most loving spiritual book I have read sofar.” Marl – The Netherlands

“I really love your book. It’s clear, inspiring, and clear clear clear!!! … Every night I read a few pages so my sleep is drenched in wisdom without any goal ofcourse!” – J.K.

“Helps teach us how to accept what comes and stand with it instead of searching for somewhere else to stand.” – Nommeqa Wraye, Amazon Review

“It isn’t about how to escape your suffering but learning how to flow with the natural movement of the universe. I’m feeling more and more liberated in taking on that train of thought.” – Jaclyn Norris

“Jeff has such a beautiful, poetic way of expressing this timeless truth. He helps to reconcile both sides of the paradigm.” – Amy Callan (Nassau, NY United States)

“An absolute must read! I have never read a book on this subject so beautifully stated. I wish I could give it 10 stars.” – Amazon Reviewer

“This book really elongates with me. Written in simple and easy to understand language. The metaphor of life being an ocean and feelings and thoughts being waves really works for me. Acceptance is what it is all about.” Geoff C Wildbur, Amazon Reviewer

“I recommend this book to everyone seeking to realize who they truly might be. Jeff encourages us to very deeply accept Life as it presents itself in a way that relaxes us into who we truly are.” –  K. Drue (Michigan)

“A lovely book which takes a different oath from his previous books. It looks,at the questions of operating in the real word with this message.” – Pamela Holt (Birmingham U.K)

“I bought this book having been to a seminar with Jeff. The content resonates and just ” makes sense” in a way I cannot explain. The notion of the search for wholeness and the many ways that is manifested was like a lightbulb going off in my head.” – Wendy Panther, Amazon Reviewer

“As a Zen practitioner, I found this book to be quite inspiring. Although, I have been practising the development of awareness through zazen (Zen meditation) for just over 30years, this book was supportive in enhancing my experience of Self as awareness. When an author shares his experience of being present in this way, there are many different paths that all point to Self awareness and in my mind, there can never be too many. It has to be tautological. Well worth purchasing if you are on such a path.” – Derek Ayre, Amazon Reviewer


Comments on the Audio version

“I’m listening to the audio version and really loving it… Covers a lot of what I’ve been realizing lately… When you explained “the deepest acceptance”, it made me realize how it permeates everything and I kind of had an insight of the deepest level of acceptance, as of how far it reached and how it contained all of my experience and all of my attitudes, accepting, resisting, etc….. Thank you Jeff, I really think it’s great content, useful too.” – P.T

“This is a truly spectacular work. It cuts to the heart of how to live from the non-dual reality which the author refers to as the ocean of being. It is a great complement to the work of Eckhart Tolle and teaches us how to enter and live in non-dual reality no matter how difficult our outer experience circumstances are appearing. Not to be missed. I will treasure this audio program always and I wish to express deep gratitude to the author for presenting it and to Sounds True and Tami Simon for recognizing the value here and bringing it to us. The companion book is of equal value and is not redundant; it delves more deeply into the content contained in the audio. Not to be missed.” – Jeff Bronson, Sounds True website

“This was exactly what I was hoping it would be. The content is exactly what I was looking for, and the “Sounds True” style really makes it more authentic and accessible. I particularly enjoyed the part from Session 6 where Jeff talked about the guy who had expected that the negative waves would stop after awakening… This really hit home for me because that’s exactly what I had been believing myself. I had expected that awakening was an escape from this character called Brian and the negative waves that went along with that identity. But as Jeff so eloquently points out in the book, the waves are always here. And are always deeply allowed. Thank you for this book. I’ve already recommended it to a friend who is a big fan of Eckhart Tolle. I told her: “Foster is a lot like Tolle… Except not weird. He’s like a normal human being.” lol. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Tolle fan. But he sort of gives off a weird vibe; a vibe that I used to interpret as “awakened beings must be soft-spoken, zombie-like beings.” lol. And that’s what I love about teachers like Jeff and Adyashanti. These guys are living proof that awakening isn’t just for the soft-spoken, quiet, reserved person. It is for everyone. I’ll definitely be re-visiting this book whenever I’m in need of a friendly reminder of who I really am.” – Brian B, Sounds True website

“Jeff takes the ideas in his book and warmly elaborates on them. A worthy companion to the book, and highly worthwhile in my opinion. It helps to clarify nonduality teachings through real-life examples, including his own. Both the book and this recording were highly meaningful to me.” – Steve Daily, Sounds True website “Excellent way of revealing that everything is as it IS: there is no one who can accept what IS, for it already has been accepted, otherwise it wouldn’t have shown up. This frees us up to truly be with what shows up, rather than judging it or thinking that it shouldn’t be there. Jeff has a great way of expressing this truth.” – Scott M, Sounds True website


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