The Promise

In this presence beyond presence,

In this place that is no place at all,

In this warm embrace I call myself,

Even a ‘no’ is a secret yes,

Even resistance is deeply allowed,

Even doubt is a celebration of life.


Come, all you unloved creatures,

All you homeless waves in life’s vast ocean,

Pain, doubt, shame, guilt,

All you frightened orphans of light,

Crawl out of your hiding places,

Shuffle out of the darkness,

You are invited to a great feast.


Come, uncertainty, sit by my side,

Come, despair, drink from my cup,

Come, fear, do not be afraid of me,

I will not turn away from you,

I will not deny you a place at this table,

Now that I know the truth of myself.


I invited you here, long ago.

I have an ancient promise to keep.