This Living Day

There is only one day you will ever live. There is only one day you will ever have to face. And that day is today, this living day, this One day, this eternal day, the only day that matters at all. It has never been lived before and will never be lived again. It is unique.

We can pin all our hopes and dreams on tomorrow, we can wait for a future salvation or saviour and pine for an eventual enlightenment or afterlife that may or may not come, but let us not ever forget today, this living day, as it overflows with life.

Let us not forget this moment, this breath, this beating of the heart, this vibrant aliveness we call ‘the body’, the closeness and intimacy and presence of things as they are, this grace-mystery that moves in and through and as us.

For in reality the here and now may be all we actually have, and all there actually is, and we may be dead tomorrow without any hope of continuity, and that’s what makes the here and now so infinitely precious and joyous and fragile in its beauty, and deserving of our kindest attention and deepest respect and gratitude.

It is only through the contemplation of the possibility of death that life is affirmed and given perspective and meaning, and made worth living and even celebrating, on this day of all days.

You see, ‘There is only Now’ is not some clever philosophy or word-game or belief to be proved or disproved or argued over, but a profound and open invitation for all human beings to deeply savour the taste and fragrance and bittersweetness of life, not ‘as it should be’ but ‘as it is’, perhaps for the very last time… and perhaps for the very first time.

This day is yet to be lived. It is pregnant with potential.