What are ‘You’ Waiting For?

Many ‘spiritual seekers’ seem to be waiting for ‘the end of separation’.

They believe that one day a ‘special event’ will happen to them, and separation will fall away.

They call this special event ‘enlightenment’, or ‘spiritual awakening’, or they say things like ‘well, it’s not enlightenment or awakening, but it’s an energetic shift from contraction into boundlessness….’

Or they call it a ‘non-happening’ or a ‘non-event’ for ‘nobody’.

Or they call it ‘grace’.

But essentially these are all different ways of saying the same thing:

They see freedom as an event, in time. They see freedom as something that ‘happens’.


All events, all shifts, are in time.

Because without time and space there is no world in which to have any sort of shift or event.

So, people are waiting for separation to fall away…. but essentially they are waiting for time itself to fall away, aren’t they?

Because separation IS time.


When, exactly, will time disappear?

Will this disappearance happen in time?

How can time disappear, in time?

How can ‘the end of time’ be a happening? Or an event?

For somebody OR for nobody?


Surely the end of time is HERE, NOW.

Surely the end of time is LIFE AS IT IS?

Because in life as it is, isn’t time just a concept?


How long will it take for the concept of time to disappear?


The enlightenment myth crumbles to the ground when it is seen that time is just a concept.


And so you don’t need a special ‘event’ or ‘shift’ or ‘transformation’ to be free, no matter what your favourite teacher or guru believes.

Maybe freedom is right here, right now, beyond time, beyond belief or lack of it.

Maybe in waiting for enlightenment, or spiritual awakening, or an energetic shift or transformation of consciousness, we end up missing what’s here now, and continue to solidify our identities as seekers.

Maybe waiting is seeking.


In waiting for grace, we miss grace.

The grace of each ordinary, timeless moment, as it is.

What silly, adorable games we play, in our pursuit of freedom…