Why Life Is Never As Bad As You Think

The worst thing you’ll ever have to face in life is a thought, a sensation, a feeling, a sound, a smell, happening in THIS moment.

However intense or unexpected that happening is, however much it destroys your dreams of what should have been, as consciousness itself, as the vast ocean in which every wave of thought, sensation and feeling is deeply allowed to arise and fall, there is always enough space in you, always enough room for all of life. You are vast and roomy (Rumi).

Whatever is appearing – thought, sensation, feeling – you have already said YES to it in the depths of your being. That is why it is already here – because there was no ‘you’ to block it out. The absence of ‘you’ is the constant and timeless YES to life, however paradoxical that sounds.

In simple language, you will never have to face anything in present experience that you haven’t already said YES to, however uncomfortable or intense or unexpected that wave of experience is. This knowing brings deep relaxation and trust in the face of what is to come, and so we open to life rather than shutting off.

Knowing yourself as the boundless ocean of acceptance, as consciousness itself, let the myriad and wild waves of life arise and fall in you, waves which are only yourself anyway, and fearlessly rest as the changeless and immutable.

Bring it on.